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Casbah Décor Introduces a New Line of Gorgeous Moroccan Lamps for the New Year

A new selection of lavish and beautiful authentic Moroccan lamps is now available at Casbah Décor.


Pinellas, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- Casbah Décor has just recently brought in a new line of Moroccan lamps just in time for the new year. The company is well-known for offering top-quality Moroccan-style lamps that will spruce up any room in a home.

Lamps are a very important aspect of any room. They need to be eye-catching, exotic, and function properly to make a room feel comfortable and stylish. For this reason Casbah Décor has imported new selections and is in stock for authentic Moroccan lamps for the upcoming new year.

The lamps designs have been crafted by the finest Moroccan artists available. Each lamp is made with detailed and extravagent craftsmanship that shows in each individual product. A spokesperson for Cash Décor explained the beauty of these lamps.

"Our quality Moroccan lamps are exactly the thing anyone needs if they want to add a feeling of elegance and comfort to one of the rooms in their home. These lamps have been crafted by the finest artists and are only sent to us if we see them as a top quality product we want to provide to our clients. We don't just want to provide a simple piece of furniture. Our goal is to offer pieces of art that stand out above the rest."

The store's official website can be seen at The store spokesperson talked more about the store's thinking with dealing clients and how they value each customer.

"Here at Casbah Décor we always aim to provide our customers with the finest quality products such as our popular selection of Moroccan lamps. Our attitude here at Casbah Décor is that you can't have a successful business without happy customers which is exactly why we do our best every single day to improve our services and provide the best quality products on the market."

These Moroccan lamps are on sale at varying prices. On their website it is easy to select a price range based on your budget. Adding new lamps to a home is a perfect way to start the new year. Not only does Casbah Décor sell lamps, but they also provide many different high quality pieces of furniture such as Moroccan beds and sofas.

The lamps give off a historical and antique vibe while still feeling modern. They really add an outstanding feeling of comfort and beauty to one's home. They are ideal for living rooms and bedroomns.

About Casbah Décor
Casbah Décor has been in the business of Moroccan products for more than 10 years now and will be celebrating their 12th year in business next year in July. The store explains that the key to their success is providing the best service possible to customers so that they keep coming back for more.

The inventory for Moroccan lamps can be seen at

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