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Coops and Cages Discloses Plans for Expansion

Coops And Cages, Melbourne-based retailer of pet beds, enclosures, and carriers, hopes to expand the business across the country to accommodate its growth in the national market.


Carlton, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- Although no definite plans are in place yet, Coops And Cages™ say they might be able to invest in an expansion of the business and possibly offer franchising opportunities in the future. These business developments are likely to come to fruition for the company should the pet industry continue its upward economic trend, which predictions say will hold. Coops And Cages™ continues to seek opportunities across Australia for future locations from which they can provide quality products to the communities in prospect areas. The company has yet to identify these locations.

Global sales of pet products continue to rise despite flagging economies, with total worldwide spending amounting to US$81 billion according to Euromonitor International. This is largely due to increased pet ownership, as well as the increased treatment of pets as family members. As households continue to humanise their pets, they continue to spend even on discretionary purchases. Due to this change of attitude towards animals, more and more pet owners are buying their pets holiday presents, designer outfits, and gadgets like automatic food dispensers and electronic toothbrushes.

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. According to IBISWorld, over 60% of Australian households have a pet. Although the total number of pets in the country has decreased, the spending rate has risen significantly, with spending identified mostly in premium pet products and services.

The annual revenue growth in pet products and services is expected to increase at 4.4% towards 2016, with earnings in the United States expected at US$75.09 billion by 2017. also notes an increase in franchises of pet-related businesses such as grooming, dog training and pet day care. Under such an economically conducive environment, at least for the pet industry, Coops And Cages™ hopes to provide greater access to their products to more and more consumers through the proposed franchising.

"The coming year is filled with exciting opportunities, and we are looking to take advantage of each one," says Jordan Walker, product design specialist at Coops And Cages™. "We have already begun to open ourselves to opportunities for growth with the launch of new products. We intend to continue working on serving more locales and finding the right circumstances to make franchises of our business possible." Recently, the pet enclosures retailer has announced their instalment of a POS system. The company believes that the upgrade has translated to better service for customers, as well as improved support for employees.

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Coops And Cages™ aims to become the household name for pet enclosures retail in the whole of Australia. They offer a wide array of housing products suited for all kinds of pets, including ferrets, guinea pigs and chickens.

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