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Premium Pets: Pet Products Company Releases New Cat Scratcher Lounger

New pet products company releases Kitty Sofa cat scratcher to kick off the New Year.


Villa Rica, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- Premium Pets is aglobal online provider of unique, high-qualityproducts for cats and dogs. The company is under a year old, but has already launched its first product, in the form of a cat scratcher lounger.Sources say that this is only the beginning for Premium Pets because they already have plans to come out with more products in the near future.

A longtime metro Atlanta couple, Reginald and Precious White,started their online pet supplies company in October 2014 and have launched their first producton Pet ownership statistics show that pet parents are insistent on providing the best for their pets, but love to do so from the comfort of their own home. According to Reginald White, Co-founder of Premium Pets, " offers a platform for offering our customers the quality pet products they need with the purchasing convenience they love."

Besides the obvious clich├ęs, there are actually several reasons why cats not only like to scratch, but need to scratch. And, while not all cat furniture provides a scratching opportunity, the Kitty Sofa was designed to combine sleeping with scratching to help feed these needs.The Premium Pets Kitty Sofa cat scratcher is made of corrugated cardboard that also contains organic catnip to draw attention. Its larger size provides asturdier, longer-lasting product to accommodate any size house cat while also offering a stylish design perfect for any home's decor.

Veterinarians, trainers and cat behaviorists agree that the Kitty Sofa cat scratcher is essential for parents who want to keep their cats emotionally and physically healthy and their home furnishing intact. "People really love purchasing products that not only fit the needs of their pets, but also fit their needs as parents. We aim to provide solutions to both and are extremely excited to provide our newest product to kick start 2015," says Precious White.

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Premium Pets is a global online provider of unique, high-quality products for cats and dogs. The company's first product, the Kitty Sofa, doubles as a cat scratcher, is widely regarded as "essential to keep cats emotionally and physically healthy" and is recommended by vets, trainers and behaviorists. With a persistent commitment to innovation,the companywill continue to introduce productsthat improve the lives of pets and their parents.

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