SAT Prep Book Now Available in Online Retailers


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- The SAT Prep Black Book by Mike Barrett is now available online, and judging from the feedback it is bound to be a huge seller, as reviews from critics and customers have been very positive.

SAT preparation is absolutely essential, and the need for the proper strategies is critical for success. Remarks made by reviewers of the book are very similar in that it can provide the guidance necessary to pass, and in interviews with those who passed the SAT they all say strategy is of the utmost importance, without which the chances of success are very slim.

The most effective strategy is to hire a tutor to help with the examination, but the one drawback is the cost as it can reach hundreds of dollars. Even if one does pay for a tutor, the topics covered are usually limited to one or two areas as the others entail additional expense.

Mike Barrett, the author of the SAT Black Book, understands the situation. He is also aware of the shortcomings of most SAT books which is why he came up with the Prep Black Book.

In an interview with Barrett, he said that the book was designed to meet the needs of different individuals, from those who require a 450 for a sports scholarship or the 2400 score to match anyone in an Ivy League school. According to Barrett, the book works best when used in conjunction with the "Blue Book", the College Board's Official SAT Study Guide.

About Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett is the author of the SAT Prep Black Book, and he has years of experience helping students do better in exams and tests. After helping his brothers achieve success at SAT, people began to ask him for advice as well. To meet the demand, Mike started up his own SAT preparation company and wrote this book.