Game Nanny Box

New Parental Control Product Coming to Kickstarter


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- A new startup GameNannyBox plans to offer parents a new tool for managing kid's game time and screen time. This breakthrough product helps end the arguments about games by locking up the devices, only enabling children to check them out during designated times.

GameNannyBox tracks check-out times, gives audible warnings, and will even penalize kids who check-in late. Parents and sitters are tired of the game arguments, and too much game time can interfere with academics and sports.

One Simple Solution for All Devices

This is the first all -inclusive parental control device that works for tablets, handheld games, phones, and console game controllers. Parents can use the menu to customize features of GameNannyBox, including game windows, penalty times, and which door each child can access. The system also includes two internal USB ports to keep tablets and games charged.

How It Works

1.A child chooses her user on the GameNannyBox keypad, and then enters hew personal code.

2.On the next screen she can check-out a device, which opens the cabinet door. This starts a countdown timer on the screen and begins her game time for the day.

3.The box gives audible warnings both at 5 mintes remaining and 1 minute remaining.

4.If the child does not chek her device back in within the allotted time, she is penalized by losing some of her time the following day.

5.Parents check contents at end of day, and can make changes to each child's access through the menu.

About John Massengale
Creator John Massengale has always had a passion for automation, robotics, and hobby electronics. As a father of three, he is familiar with the parental challenge of managing children's screen time.

This new product was designed and prototyped in a makerspace in Kansas City. A makerspace/hackerspace is a shared workspace with many of the latest tools like 3D printers and laser cutters. The product will be coming to soon, a crowdfunding platform where large numbers of users support projects and receive rewards in return.

If the Kickstarter goal is reached, production will immediately start on remaining components. A custom circuit board is already complete and in testing. Funds are needed to complete charging circuit design, and FCC testing for unintentional RF emissions like all new products.

The company website is and the product received a provisional patent in 2014.

For More Information Contact John Massengale at or 202-297-5465