Dentist Implants Orange CA in the Future May Be Real Teeth


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Dentist Orange CA services like those offered by the Pavilion Health Group are always on the lookout for the latest medical advances, and it might not be long before dentures become real human teeth cultivated in laboratory dishes.

Scientists also believe the time will come when the triggers for teeth growth are found and activated, which allows for the replacement of rotten and worn out teeth. While dentures Orange CA services may not yet provide it, the idea of real teeth dentures holds some promise.

Mary MacDougall, an associate dean at the University of Texas Health Science Center dental school, has grown parts of the human teeth in laboratories. During the experiment, MacDougall and her team dissected wisdom teeth tissues and added genes to the tooth's outer shell tissue cells. Genes were also added to the dentin, the enamel and the inner hard surface, which allows the cells to duplicate.

The parts were nurtured in a moist environment, and soon enough human tooth parts began to appear. If the tests go as well as expected, dentists in the future might be able to use special filling materials or grow real teeth fillings in the laboratory, which renders old techniques obsolete.

While real teeth dentures is still in the future, the Pavilion Dental Staff continues to offer high quality dental implants Orange CA services, and their website has been updated and includes more up to date health news and guidelines.

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