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QROPS TV Reports on Latest Legal Changes to UK Pensions Affecting Britons Overseas

QROPS TV has published a new editorial on the new laws coming into effect around UK pensions and specifically how this affects Britons in the US looking to transfer their pension to a 401k.


Bangkok, Wattana -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- Many Britons who leave the country to live their life abroad find themselves unusually limited by current pension law, which prevents individuals from transferring their pensions to schemes within the country they are living in. In these cases, A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is often best. QROPS USA regularly distributes and updates information on pension law for expatriates, and has posted a new editorial explaining the new changes to UK pension law, and the best way to get a US dollar managed SIPP to access their pensions at home while abroad.

The latest update to pension law comes into effect in 2015 and many expatriates had been hoping this would spell the end of restrictions on the transference of pensions. This is not the case however, making it more important than ever for individuals to undertake a managed SIPP.

The article goes into detail on how a managed SIPP can be made possible and can even be put into US dollars for those living in the States, minimizing the amount of taxation on the pension while maximizing the returns through recommended providers like Hudson James.

A spokesperson for U.S. QROPS explained, "QROPS TV is committed to always keeping British citizens abreast of the latest legal developments at home that can affect their futures abroad, and pension law is one of the biggest bones of contention for current expatriates. Though unfortunately we are the bearers of bad news this time, we have tried to temper that with the best ways to turn this development to our readers' advantage. Expats can use one of the latest SIPP schemes to put the power in their hands, and have people working actively on their side to minimize cost and maximize the take home amount of their pension, in a currency appropriate to the country they're living in."

QROPS TV is a subsidiary of Credenda Associates. At QROPS TV, they focus on distributing updates that affect U.K. Citizens and their ability to transfer their pensions when retiring abroad. The site keeps expats abreast of the latest news and developments as well as promoting means by which people can effectively access and manage their pension while overseas.

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