New Kingdom Rush Game a Big Hit


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- Fans of the game Kingdom Rush were overjoyed with the release of Origins in November of this year, and to no one's surprise, it has become a big hit with gamers and critics alike all the world. The game, developed by Ironhide Studios, is the latest in the popular tower defense series.

Although several online strategy games have appeared, the Kingdom games continue to be popular, and from all indications it is bound to surpass the earlier releases in terms of downloads. In an interview with a top Ironhide Studio, the developer expressed "sincere thanks" to all those who downloaded and played the game.

By and large, critics have responded favorably towards the game, with most of the compliments directed at the upgrade systems and level design. As many observers have noted, the tower defense game exceeds the original in all aspects but has lost none of the original charm.

Following its release, gaming websites conducted surveys to determine gamers' responses, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Apart from the graphics and sounds, the new setting, putting aside some of the medieval elements in favor of fantasy, struck a positive chord with players.

In response to this, Game Mug announced that the title and other army games are now available on its website. In addition, members can avail of other popular video games such as Fast Buggy, Rogue Soul, Racing Guard and many more. For fans of Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the site announced the game is available there too.

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