Crypto Currency – Welcome to the Era of Secure Foreign Exchange

Crypto currencies are not prone to attacks from law enforcements or with transaction freeze placed from acquirers like PayPal.


Antwerp, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2014 -- A crypto currency is a means of exchange just like regular currencies including USD, but made for the purpose of trading digital information via process designed probably by specified concepts of cryptography. Cryptography is employed to make the transactions secure and to govern the production of new crypto coins. The first cryptocurrency was created by Bitcoin in 2009. Nowadays there are numerous other cryptocurrencies, usually known as Altcoins.

Unlike central banks, where governments manage the value of the currency such as USD during the procedure of printing fiat-money, government does not have any control over cryptocurrencies since they are completely decentralized. Private and Public keys are usually used for cryptocurrency exchanges between people.

Most cryptocurrencies are made to decline in production with time such as Bitcoin, which produces a market cover on them. This isn't like fiat money where central banks can often create more, therefore inflation. Bitcoin cannot possess more than 21 million-coins in flow. The complex technique on which all crypto currencies are designed from was made by a man named Satoshi Nakamoto.

Cryptocurrency mining rate is measured on a scale of hashes/seconds. An apparatus having a processing power of 1kH/s can mine at the rate of just 1,000 hashes/second, 1MH/s can be a million hashes/second plus GH/s is one-billion hashes/second. Whenever a miner efficiently resolves a block, new hash (#) is generated.

Pandacoin is among the rare, fair and honest proof of the most secure stake algorithms crypto-currencies after a long distribution and mining phase, a period of more than 90 days. They have a robust fusion of programmers, coders, administrators and marketers to take success of Pandacoin towards their vision, by reconsidering the latest approaches towards design and advertising of crypto-currencies.

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