Pandacoin Update Can Help Reducing Blockchain Download by 5000%

Blockchain, a peer-to-peer protocol using cryptography, underlies the trust in digital currency exchanges and several other currency variants.


Antwerp, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2015 -- The people may ponder over the question, what is cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is designed for exchanging digital information via a process based on the principles of cryptography, and is a reliable way of exchanging currencies. It's a virtual currency, but there is no hassle of stealing, money laundering, money forging identity-thefts all are impossible after the introduction of this in the new-age market. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, created in the year 2009. The value of the cryptocurrency doesn't get depreciated and can be used for trading, buying and selling too, alike the real tangible money.

Pandacoin, a cryptocurrency specially designed for mass market adoption, has recently released a new update for the Crypto-Banking wallet aiding the customers to get most of the cryptocurrency. The users now can effortlessly switch the main client Pandabank Lite which is now upgraded to Pandabank Hybrid, with Rapid Blockchain Download (RBD) and Instant Sync Technology (IST). RBT and IST aids the newbies to swiftly synchronize with the blockchain in just 5 to 15 minutes.

Initially Pandabank was designed to yield an ease for the users with the new idea of cryptocurrency. The new update has given a convenience to the users to access coins within seconds to download. Panda coin has solved the issue of arduous to download with the assistance of RBD and IST technology. About 2.5 % yearly, the users can stake on the coins. Thus, cryptography technology is perfect for ensuring secure transactions and control the creation of new coins.

About PandaCoin PND
Pandacoin (PND), (, based in Antwerp, is a leading provider of several ways of storing Pandacoins with an opportunity to earn annual interest up to 2.5%. Pandacoin (PND) offers mining solutions like Panda Miner, Pandacoin Miner, etc. suitable for everyone's convenience.

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