Hiblow HP 80 Septic Aerator - The Complete Solution for Waste Water Treatment Aeration

Hiblow offers lowest power consumption products in its class with noiseless operation, which features a safety trip that halts the pump in case of a diaphragm failure, preventing damage to other components.


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- Designed basically for biological aeration in household waste-water treatment models and Sequential Batch Reactors, the Hiblow supplies a low cost, reliable aeration supply in packed sewage treatment plants.

The easy yet effective pumping concept utilizes an electro-magnetically controlled diaphragm. This excludes sliding components maintaining deterioration to minimum ensuring excessively long service lifespan. Hiblow also includes energy-efficient motors for low-power usage ensuring minimum price of possession. The robust construction features a compact metal (usually alloy) casing that is weatherproof and doesn't degrade with time.

An extensive range of septic aerator pumps is available in models from 30 liter/min to 300 liter/minute. The models is not only UL and CE approved but also comes with a 2 year warranty; assuring customers can purchase with full confidence. Common installations contain solitary houses, small developments, restorations, barn renovations or any home off mains drainage.

Due to high demand for household sewage treatment models and septic tanks to include a failsafe alert they've prolonged their range of Hiblow air pumps. These blowers have built-in alarm systems that will sense low-pressure within the airline. The alarm signals the consumer through a loud buzzer and LED lighting and it is accessible having a 230 Volt signal cable for initiating an exterior security alarm. Hiblow HP 80 Pumps specializes on off-mains drainage aeration using the wide selection of Hiblow products addressing all installations.

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