Thousands of Dollars' Worth of Positive Psychology Techniques Will Be Given for Free to Help Entire Communities Become Happier This New Year


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2015 -- Positive Psychologist and happiness expert Aleks George Srbinoski has created The "Happiness Up, Stress Down Challenge" which has been tested to increase overall happiness by 24% and reduce overall stress by 23%. The challenge only takes two weeks, with daily exercises taking only two minutes. Organizations and schools who promise to run the challenge as a group to raise money for charity will be able to receive all the materials for free.

The "Happiness Up, Stress Down Challenge" was designed to be a powerful twist on new years' resolutions and is part of the newly released book "Happiness Up Stress Down", which includes 102 extra happiness tips, goal setting skills and more. However, rather than just focusing on goal setting this New Year, the challenge is designed to actually teach people how to be happier. The book can be ordered on Amazon through this link,

Mr Srbinoski has been involved in the psychology and happiness fields for close to a decade and knows that his techniques if delivered in person would be worth thousands of dollars. He says, "I know of numerous schools and organizations that have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for positive psychology training."

He continues by saying, "I feel it is important that these key principles should be available to everyone with a prosocial commitment. Any school or organization who agrees to run the challenge as a group to raise money for charity can contact me and I will give them all the scripts on how to run the challenge for free."

About Happiness Up, Stress Down Challenge
The purpose of the challenge is to create a three stage virtuous circle of positive influence. The first stage is to perform daily two minute exercises, which will increase happiness levels of participants. Because emotions are contagious, anyone who participants interact with in their community will also benefit from the "Happiness Up, Stress Down Challenge". Countless studies have also shown that giving tends to increase happiness. Therefore, the third stage extends the reach of the Challenge even further, by providing the option for participants to raise money for charity using a sponsorship model.

Before contacting Mr Srbinoski about how to run the challenge in group settings, he suggests people first obtain the "Happiness Up Stress Down" book at to see if it is right for them. Alternatively, people can view a video where he explains the challenge in detail and illustrates the first challenge. It can be seen at

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