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Before You Judge Me: New Urban Lit Novel Shines Spotlight on Best & Worst of Humanity; Raising Vital Awareness for Struggles of Fostered Children

Fusing fact and fiction, Christine A. Gibbs uses ‘Before You Judge Me’ to turn much-needed attention toward the adversity faced by millions of fostered children, the struggles they have integrating into society and the wrongly-admired pimps that end up controlling the lives of so many. The author is herself fostered and, while she is remaining silent about how much of the story is true, it promises to be an eye-opening and shocking read for those blind to society’s hidden ills.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- While the United States' foster care system is in place to give at-risk children the best start in life, it seldom has the intended effect. In fact, while the authorities won't admit it, a shockingly large proportion of fostered children wind up on the streets, involved in crime or selling their bodies to fit into society. In a raw yet important new book, Christine A. Gibbs tells the fictional story of one fostered girl; a story that could be taking place on any street corner.

'Before You Judge Me' showcases the highs and lows of society. It's not an easy read, but this is one microcosmic story that needs to be told.


Before You Judge Me is the dramatic story of a young woman who is severely tested under the worst adversity. Having grown up in foster care, a teenage Chavonne finds herself alone on the tough streets of New York. Will she survive or succumb to the dangers of the big city? Chavonne is kidnapped and forced into the sex industry, where she works at a strip club and is pursued by a career womanizer. Then she is reunited with her long-lost family, whom she has longed for all her life. But they have surprises she may not be ready to handle.

Chavonne realizes that life must be lived on her own terms. With love, faith, and tenacity, she finds she can survive anything.

Before You Judge Me shows the best and worst of humanity. Chavonne realizes that life must be lived on her own terms. Throughout everything she has endured, with love, faith, and tenacity, this woman realizes she can triumph and survive anything with God on her side.

"While the premise is fictional, the bones of this story are true and inspired by people I know and things I have seen," explains Gibbs, who was herself a victim of the fostering system. "Our jails and streets are full of youths 'discarded' by the supposedly-great foster care system. I've been there, and undoing the damage it caused took longer than the period in which I was actually fostered."

Continuing, "Pimps seem to be admired in many urban cultures, yet they often wind up becoming the true 'guardians' of fostered kids who have come-of-age."

While disturbing and poignant, Gibbs' narrative also comes with a bold message of hope.

"I want every reader to know that no matter where you started, you can finish strong, with faith and tenacity. This wraps everything up into a book that transcends a typical novel to offer so much more," she adds.

'Before You Judge Me', from Strategic Book Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1HqHQdy

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About Christine A. Gibbs
Christine A. Gibbs was born and raised in New York City, and currently resides in Atlanta.