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Mentoring the "Me" Nobody Knows: A-List Dancer's New Study Book Empowers Youngsters to Quickstep to Success, by Embracing Their Natural Gifts & Talents

Daryl Richardson has done it all; choreographed for Michael Jackson, graced the stages of Broadway and even appeared on the Academy and Grammy Awards. However, Richardson is now handing the limelight over to today’s younger generation, through a new book and non-profit organization that builds self-esteem, confidence and empowers every young person to build a life of unshakable success. ‘Mentoring The "Me" Nobody Knows’ is a powerful journal and study book, which will inspire readers to discover their unique learning style and prepare for a prosperous future.


Queens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- When Daryl Richardson stepped under the Broadway spotlight or performed in front of millions on global television, she felt on top of the world. But things hit home when she returned from California to her native New York in 2000; it was the middle of summer, and a plethora of children were hanging around on street corners with no aspirations for the future. Having experienced life at the top of her game, Richardson turned her life's focus from fame to mentorship and founded 'The Me Nobody Knows'.

This unique non-profit organization has a bold mandate to help millions of young people identify their learning style, embrace their God-given talents and find the success and bright future that is their right. Thousands of lives have been changed to date, and Richardson is now expanding her reach with the release of 'Mentoring The "Me" Nobody Knows', an action-oriented journal and study guide with the hope of hitting that million mark..


"Mentoring The Me Nobody Knows" is a work study book for students and anyone who is ready to tap into their natural talents, gifts and abilities, in order to begin to dream and set goals for a successful future. The work-study book contains 16 chapters and each chapter will bring insight, instruction and knowledge as it pertains to your personal abilities and passion. Discovering Your Learning Style, The A,B,C,s of Success and Your Vision Board for Your Life are three chapters in the book that will ignite change in your life! No matter how old you are, it's never too late or too early to have goals, dreams and visions for your future. I am a perfect example says Richardson of recreating myself and embarking upon new career opportunities that can produce multiple streams of income. My motto is If you can believe it, then you can achieve it and If you can see it than you shall be it!

"The book's goal is to help any young person build a solid foundation of self-esteem, respect for self and others and confidence, as well as help them identify one or more of nine unique learning styles that will see them exceed their expectations beyond anything they thought possible," explains Richardson, who travels the country speaking to students from all backgrounds. "Everyone learns differently and identifying their style is the missing link to each child's future success."

"Technology has also somewhat ruined how young people communicate, store and recall information. My book gets them working, with a pen to paper, to make a positive investment that could change the course of their life. Equally, we all need to invest in them. Taking huge paychecks home from the entertainment industry was fun, but serving the community I was raised in gives me more pride and purpose than any stage or cheering crowd ever did." Giving back has become Richardson's priority as it pertains to the youth of today. It does take a village to raise a child and Richardson is on the front line.

Since its release, the book has garnered rave reviews. For example, Roy Campbell comments, "Great Wisdom for life. A MUST READ AND MEDITATE IN IT BOOK." Many adults have also begun to launch second careers after reading and doing the exercises within this book.

'Mentoring The "Me" Nobody Knows' is available now: http://amzn.to/1zFvcIE

The book is also available in different formats for different age groups. For more information on the volumes, as well as the author's other work, visit: http://www.themnkincny.com

About Daryl Richardson
Daryl Richardson's Choreography can be seen in Michael Jackson's bad video, TD Jakes play "Woman Thou Art Loosed, her solo appearance in Paula Abdul's Skat Kat video and Atlantic Star. Daryl has graced the Broadway stages as a dancer in The Wiz, Sophisticated Ladies, Anything Goes and Can-Can. Ms. Richardson has toured with Kenny (Babyface) Edmonds, the late Barry White and Earth, Wind & Fire. Daryl's career as a dancer continued on in Los Angeles California where she appeared on The Academy Awards and The Grammy Awards with Toni Braxton and EnVogue, The Jaimie Foxx show, The Drew Carey show, and The Arsenio Hall show with Prince and Babyface.

Her film credits include The Mask, The Wiz Movie, What's Love Got To Do With It, Hoodlum and Junior. Daryl brings her expertise back into her Community of Jamaica Queens where she was the Director of the Allen Christian School Dance Academy from 2003-2011 and the Founder and CEO of a Non-Profit Community Based Organization called The Me Nobody Knows. Her mentoring and performing arts programs have been in seventeen schools throughout the New York City. Daryl is currently the Dance Liaison at the Catherine & Count Basie MS 72 which is known as the Jewel of Jamaica. Daryl attended this school when she was fourteen years old and a guidance counselor named Mrs. Allaway made a difference in her life and now she is making a difference in the lives of every child that crosses her path.