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Accede Holdings Reveal New Website with Upgraded Content and Navigation


Hackney, SA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2014 -- Accede Holdings is a business that has been providing business database Australia solutions such as database design and development with almost 3 decades of experience. The company recently revealed their new upgraded website that features improved navigation and better quality of content as a step to solidify the existing partnership with their current clients and also get new clients interested to establish a partnership with Accede Holdings and benefit from the database consultants Australia services and business database solutions.

The new Accede website will allow visitors to learn more about the services the company provides such as custom software development and creating database management systems which help businesses improve efficiency, effectiveness and create better value which has been the motto of Accede since day one. The company has developed IT solutions for small and large, local and international businesses.

On the launch of the new website, Accede company representative said: "Accede Holdings Pty Ltd has built solid, active relationships over the years with its clients by building revolutionary applications which make their businesses great." He added: "Our motto to Provide IT Solutions that are Efficient, Effective and of Value is a motto we live by. Our software needs to provide these to your business. We stand by this motto in all our business practices and actions."

Over the years the company has developed over 600 IT solutions including accounting and invoicing software, testing systems for manufacturing equipment, transport industry, entertainment industry management, job costing and allocation, specialized accounting, and data conversions. After the successful revamp of their website, the company has sights set on the future of IT solutions that will help businesses improve productivity and increase efficiency, Accede has invested over $1 million in resources to develop a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, research & webinars.

The Accede representative explained: "We believe that this strong link between databases, security, rules and graphics is where IT will reside during the next decade & to this end Accede has invested the time and resources to make sure we can lead the way in offering solid, competitive business services for our clients."

Besides up to date information about Accede Holdings' services, products and future plans, the new website will also feature a blog where database management topics, news and business tips will be shared with the readers.

About Accede
Established in 1984, Accede has over 28 years of experience in database design and development, leading the Australian marketplace by providing a high standard database solution to business.

For more information, please visit:
[Phone:] 08 8363 5699
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