Balloon Tower Defense 5 Now Available on iPad


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- Balloon Tower Defense 5 has been released for the iPad, and as expected the game is a hit, as players and critics have given it the thumbs-up. To the delight of gamers everywhere, Minecraft Games, the largest online repository of free Minecraft and strategy games, announced the game and others like it will be available on the website soon, if not already.

Just like Bloons Tower Defense 4, this tower defense game drew praise for the design which was specifically tailored for tablets and other mobile devices. According to reports, game developer Ninja Kiwi made sure that the title was fully optimized for mobile and it shows in the finished product.

According to mobile game analysts, the secret to the game's success lies in the way various elements were put together. The game map has been acclaimed with the ease players can purchase and put towers in place, and the animation is smooth as well. In an interview with one of the game's programmers, it was pointed out that the graphics were redesigned for this release, and it is also evident based on the outcome.

News reports and feedback from gamers also praised the gameplay and how it breathes new life to the tower defense game. This sentiment was echoed by a spokesperson for Minecraft Games, who says that it is similar to a Pokemon tower defense game but still manages to carve out its own identity. For this reason, observers say, it's a no-brainer why mobile gamers love it.

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