Writer/Producer/Director Sarah Gambles Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for Her Upcoming Film Armor

Filmmaking has always been a passion for Sarah Gambles since her childhood. Sarah’s goal is to raise $10,000 via Indiegogo to fund the production of her first documentary film ‘Armor.’


Troy, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- As a biracial child born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Sarah Gambles thrived in the cultural diversity that surrounded her. At age 14, she was thrust into an environment of racial division when her father moved the family to his hometown in rural southeast Alabama. Sarah was blessed with a creative mind and immediately found refuge amongst the artists and thespians in her local high school.

Following her high school graduation, Sarah completed her degree in Communication and Fine Arts from Troy University. Sarah went on to work as a Publicity Assistant at NBC Studios in Burbank, California and later as a Production Secretary for John Wells Productions at Warner Bros. studios. Since the completion of her Masters of Education in 2004, Sarah has worked as an elementary schoolteacher. Feeling the creative itch again, Sarah is finally ready to start producing Armor, her first documentary film.

Though filmmaking has been a childhood passion for Sarah, the making of Armor has become an emotional necessity for her. After losing her closest friend last year, Sarah fell into a pit of isolation and depression. Following this incident, she began a journey of self-discovery through spiritual counseling and psychotherapy to discover the root cause of her psychosis. Sarah realized that her feelings of inadequacy and alienation had nothing to do with the dissolution of her friendship, rather it stemmed from the insecurities concerning her family's racial makeup, the taboo of race mixing, and being a biracial in the rural South.

Having completed ten years in the teaching profession, Sarah feels that many of her students may develop similar Armor because of their family structure. Through her film, Sarah hopes to give a voice to children who may feel that their family is wrong because it looks different than the societal norm. Armor will investigate the correlation between self development and family structure, and the relevance of this correlation. The different subjects Sarah plans to include in her film are multiethnic families, LGBT families, single parents, grandparent households, and differences between wealthy and a working class families.

The funding budget for Sarah's Indiegogo campaign is $10,000, which includes allocations for equipment purchases and rentals, travel expenses, promotions and publicity, and film festival entry fees. The Indiegogo campaign will close on February 3, 2015.

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About Sarah Gambles
Sarah Gambles is the maker of an upcoming documentary film entitled 'Armor.' This movie will be Sarah's effort to ignite the light of hope, love, and acceptance within individuals and communities.