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Coops and Cages Foresees Greater Opportunities from Ever-Climbing Pet Industry Revenues

As the pet industry continues to grow despite less-than-favourable economic conditions, Coops And Cages™ believes this unprecedented industry trend will bring about more opportunities for the business to climb up the revenue ladder.


Carlton, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- Coops And Cages™ believes that if the pet industry continues to move from strength to strength, they could expand the business and possibly consider offering franchise. The pet housing retailer says they might be able to invest in furthering development of the business possibly to seize a share of the national market. The company is currently on the lookout for opportunities to gain a greater foothold in key cities in the country, ready to scout for future locations.

Many industry trends reports, such as that of MultiBriefs, reinforce the optimistic outlook shown by Coops And Cages™. Most industry reports have all noted how the pet industry has risen despite the economic downturns of the last few years. The continuing increase in pet ownership across the major cities in the world has propelled an increased spending on pets, with most purchases being on premium products and services. The pet industry has already been dubbed recession-proof on several occasions, given the tendency of households to open their purses for pet purchases despite tightening the budget elsewhere. As economies recover and pet owners continue to humanise pets, the industry will only see a sustained boost upward.

Pet professionals and product retail businesses stand to profit should the pet industry continue to remain strong in its current performance. As the "pet parenting" trend among pet owners grows, a demand for specialized products and services will continue to rise. With the industry projected to grow at four percent every year through to 2018, retailers and professionals will do well to develop new products and services that push the trend forward. Among the most popular are premium pet foods and treats, pet boarding and grooming, pet therapy, pet walking and training, and pet insurance. Pet salons and spas are popping up, as well. The industry may already be in the beginnings of its golden age. Already, franchises that offer products and services specialized for pets are taking hold.

Jordan Walker, marketing analyst at Coops And Cages™, believes that Australian pet businesses will likely get a share of the pie. "Only very few industries can guarantee a continued upward trend in revenues, and with over 60% of pet ownership rates in the country, we are certain that we will reap the benefits of the golden age of the pet industry."

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