Arnita Johnson Mastermind of Luxurious Credit Set to Give Away $12,000 in 2015

A “Worth the Investment” Mission to Pay It Forward


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- "I never even imagined giving away the money I fought so hard trying to save", says Arnita Johnson the creator of Luxurious Credit.

Arnita Johnson is the CEO and Founder of AMB Credit Consultants, one of the fastest growing credit repair companies in the country. She also created Luxurious Credit, a blog which empowers her credit repair company to engage and empower people about the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit.

But there's more to her than this and the cat has just been let out of the bag! A very big announcement was just made that all throughout the year 2015, Ms. Johnson will be giving away a total of $12,000 to complete strangers and here's why …

Last December, Arnita wanted to give back to herself so she designed a tight budget allowing her to save an extra $1,000 a month. She called it her "Worth the Investment'' account. Each month she would write a check to herself and deposit it into the account. She said that with such a busy life, she found herself neglecting her own needs and wanted to save money so that she could eventually do the things that she enjoyed but that time just didn't allow.

"I didn't know if I would save the money to go on a trip or a shopping spree", Arnita chuckled. Months into saving the money, Arnita began to think about the life struggles she overcame when trying to start her business and the financial hardships she faced at times being a single mother of two. She states that this is when she decided to give away the money that she vigorously disciplined herself to save.

Ms. Johnson also explains how she shared her "Worth the Investment" savings journey via social media which sparked a high interest with her followers. It was her followers who encouraged her to keep saving and so on December 19, 2014, Arnita announced that not only had she reached her goal of saving $12,000, but that she would also be giving it away – and to whom – to these same loyal Instagram followers who had inspired her so much.

So every month in 2015, Ms. Arnita Johnson will be giving away $1,000 from her "Worth the Investment" savings account to one lucky individual or small business owner who considers themselves "Worth the Investment". The only thing required to qualify is a "tag" and a "story".

"This announcement has sent my social media accounts into a frenzy", says Ms. Johnson. She has gained over three thousand new followers in less than 24 hours on Instagram alone.

The first $1,000 "Worth the Investment" giveaway is set to launch January 2015. Follow @luxuriouscredit via Instagram for frequent updates and/or to apply for this giveaway as well.

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