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Online Classifieds and Social Media: Is the New Craigslist?


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- When it comes to online interaction, it seems the World Wide Web has gone social media crazy.

It's for good reason - there are more than a billion Facebook users, almost 300 million Twitter users, and creativity hasn't been the same since Pinterest was launched more than four years ago.

So, it makes sense that buying and selling goods and services online should have a social media component, right? You'd be surprised., a new online classifieds site, not only allows you to share interesting ads on your social media pages, it's encouraged. According to a survey, 79.6 percent of users said they like to share both ads they post as well as ads that interest them, ranging from inexpensive gifts to luxury rentals. All ads are posted with buttons so you can easily share on Facebook or Twitter.

With Christmas a handful of days away, has found an influx of users sharing ads on Facebook, and they anticipate the number of posts will grow even more once the holidays are over and people resell unneeded gifts.

"It's fascinating to see just how many people are discreetly unloading gifts through our site," said Diana Conway, spokesperson for "We believe that people can make legitimate money running visual ads, and with the recession, it's actually a really good way to make money."

When asked what makes their site different from selling powerhouses Craigslist and eBay, she said it comes down to interaction.

"It's easy to post ads on those sites, but they don't necessarily offer anything new," she said. "Our ads are easily shareable on Facebook and Twitter."

They also have an active blog that almost resembles popular viral site BuzzFeed in its content. Some of their most popular and shared posts are titled "Christmas Gifts for Her" and "Christmas Gifts for Kids Under $30".

"We want to make this a fully interactive experience," Conway said. "It's not just posting something and letting it sit there; people like to talk about what they want, what's on their wish list, and we make that easy."

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