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Jesus' Diet for All the World: 21st Century Renaissance Man's New Book Cracks History's Greatest Mystery; Exposing Roadmap to Optimum Health

Gene Wall Cole’s work as a visionary, teacher and composer has already hailed acclaim from the likes of the Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney and Robin Williams. In his ground-breaking new book, Cole solves one of the Universe’s greatest mysteries to expose a diet with a twist. ‘Jesus' Diet for all the World’ can afford anyone a perfect diet, optimum health and the quickest weight loss they could ever imagine. Cole’s book provides a concrete roadmap, for those brave enough to embark on a journey that will re-ignite their passion for life.


Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- From celebrities bouncing around on camera to pre-packaged meals that cost five times as much as the norm, the world is obsessed with dieting. Many so-called gurus and medical experts have spent billions of dollars trying to come up with the perfect formula to permanent weight loss and optimum health, to no avail.

Gene Wall Cole, a true 21st Century Renaissance man whose work is endorsed by the Dalai Lama and Saudi Arabian Royal Family could finally have found the answer. Ironically, it's nothing that can be formulated in a lab – instead emerging from one of the universe's greatest mysteries. In his game-changing new book, 'Jesus' Diet for all the World', Cole exposes all for the first time.


From deep inside the Vatican Vaults and hidden within one of the greatest "whodunits" of all time, is a roadmap that will lead you to the PERFECT DIET, OPTIMUM HEALTH and the QUICKEST WEIGHT LOSS imaginable. If you read The Da Vinci Code and are one of the millions of readers fascinated with the historical implications but found yourself wanting more... If you are one of the millions of people struggling with weight issues and haven't found the program that fits... If you are one of the millions whose health has dampened your passion for life and are seeking real solutions the JESUS' DIET is a must read!

"Nobody will deny that obesity is now a fatal societal epidemic; but you can't make people live longer by selling them supposed low calorie meals or having them jump around with an exercise ball for ten minutes each day," explains Cole, an author, motivational speaker and musician, whose music the Dalai Lama predicted would "heal many people". "People need motivation, and that's what this new book provides. Aside from being a guide to the quickest weight loss program on the planet, my wisdom serves as a vital wake-up call to optimum health and peace of mind. These go hand-in-hand." It doesn't matter what religious affiliation, if any, you may or may not be as this diet and health benefits are meant to benefit every person on the planet.

Continuing, "I've fused my wisdom from behind the Vatican walls with my own life experiences. I have been so blessed following my dream, I feel it is now my responsibility to share my experience, strength and hope with others."

The author's work as an educator, musician and frequent keynote speaker has garnered rave reviews from coast to coast. Radio host Bobbie Thomas comments, "To put it simply, Gene's appearance was our BEST show this year! Our listeners called during the show, and for hours after we went off the air wanting to know how to get his book and CDs. We've never had such a response to a live performer. I would love to have Gene back on our program, as our listeners are demanding an encore. He is an inspiration to us all."

TV Personality Shadoe Stevens adds, "Gene is an extraordinary man. Knowing him as an artist with astonishing skills, I anticipated enjoying the music, but was overwhelmed by the level of sheer invention in both the production of the music and the writing of The Chameleon. His story is compelling reading, filled with imagination and humor. His life is inspiring and he has a gift for sharing a sense of hope. Can't wait to see it on the silver screen."

But Cole's biggest accolade is from the Dalai Lama, who jumped at the chance to provide a foreword for his first book. He writes, "Gene's music is the first meeting between East and West in a musical vibration. It will heal many people"

'Jesus' Diet for all the World', from Awakening Imaginations Inc, is available now: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/505239

About Gene Wall Cole
Gene Wall Cole is a true 21st century Renaissance man. A visionary, author, speaker, composer, teacher and metaphysician. An architect designing a more user friendly world; a sculptor helping people mold their dreams into reality; a painter whose easel holds the hues and tints of an awakened imagination and uses the written word as his paint brush.