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Learn English 6000 Words Can Now Be Used Without Getting Hindered by Third-Party Advertisements


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- USA - Pop-up and slide-in advertisements are additional features of websites, web-based and mobile applications etc. Fun Easy Learn language learning applications are a popular choice among learners who want to enrich their vocabulary through mobile apps. However, many users of Learn English 6000 Words , which is a highly successful language learning app from Fun Easy Learn, complained that their learning is impeded by third-party ads that appear on their screens seemingly out of nowhere. The leading software development company recently added 'Unlock All Levels' feature to pleasantly surprise their customers. The developers have stated that users can now pay a small one-time fee to unlock all levels of the language learning app and they will not see those impeding advertisements anymore. Alternatively, users can also gather 1000 flowers to avail the same ad-free feature.

English is certainly not the most difficult of all languages to learn, but there are certain rules of English grammar that have too many exceptions. Besides, it is also quite difficult for a non-native speaker of the language to pick up the right order of words in the very first or second attempt. English language lexicon is one of the largest lexicons in the world. Fun Easy Learn developers have been quite consistent in their claim that the entire process of learning any language can be made simpler and more streamlined. Learn English 6000 Words, one of the highly popular language learning apps that Fun Easy Learn developers have ever made, uses a scientific and proven effective method to explain the meanings and diction of English words to users.

"Undoubtedly, Fun Easy Learn English 6000 Words is one of the most sought-after English language learning apps at this moment. We just wanted to make our patrons happier. Learners who used to be annoyed by the appearance of third-party advertisements on their mobile or computer screens can now simply turn off ads by purchasing the full edition of the language learning app from Google PlayStore. We believe this work as a reason for rejoicing for our dear customers, said one of the chief developers of Fun Easy Learn.

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