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"Learn German 6000 Words" Is Now Available in a Zero-Advertisement Version


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- Advertisements may help marketers in spreading their brand messages wide across, but too many of ads certainly put off the end users of any software product or website. Learn German 6000 Words, a cutting-edge software product designed to facilitate German language learning, now comes with an added optional feature. The developers have mentioned in a recent press statement that users can now easily unlock all levels of the language learning application by buying the app from Google PlayStore for a small fee. They have also added that users can take the longer route and collect 1000 flowers to unlock the levels of the application.

German language is known to be extremely difficult for non-native learners to learn. This is because the language is very peculiar compared to other Latin languages and dialects. The generic compounding of nouns and other parts of speech makes is even more difficult for foreign learners to get a good grasp over the syntax and spelling. German phonetics is also a far cry from that of other widely spoken European languages. Learn German 6000 Words is a state-of-the-art language learning app developed by Fun Easy Learn. The app describes German words, even the most difficult and longest of them, through carefully drawn illustrations so that new learners can know the meanings of these words by comparing these images to their real world counterparts.

"The problem with many German language learners is that they take several months to get acquainted with the basics of German language. Users can easily unlock all the levels of our language learning app for a small one-time payment. We know our patrons get too annoyed when advertisements pop up during when they use the app. As a part of our agreement with our third-party advertisers, we cannot remove their ads from the free edition of Learn German 6000 Words. However, users can unlock the ad-free edition of the same by paying a small fee", said one spokesperson of Fun Easy Learn.

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Fun Easy Learn has designs and develops user-friendly language learning applications that are free to download from Google PlayStore.

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