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Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2015 -- is an online store that sells a wide variety of Tsum Tsum Plush Minis, Medium, Large and Tsum Tsum Plush Sets. Tsum tsum" is another product released by Disney. Disney is the most famous company which is able to satisfy the fantasies of any kid of the planet. Disney is a company related to Walt Disney and the Disney corporation, is a free,public and collaborative encyclopedia for everything from theme parks, film companies, television networks, films to characters and toys. They don't produce only cartoon they have them own plush toy shops and the best known amusement park DisneyLand.

Tsum Tsum is coming from "Stack Stack" which in Japan relates to the biggest explosion of cuddly soft toys made of plush. Disney was first established in Japan where they opened another collection of the varying toy collection of Disney. A tsum tsum doll can make happy any kid. They are the new friends of Disney and dolls are simply ooze cuteness. In tsum tsum shop toys can be found in varying size but the most produced one is the smallest because are considered cutest by customers. It has a great deal of characters present. The big success of the toys in Japanese stores made Disney to open stores as well as online and start selling Tsum Tsums in a continuous character growing variety. Tsum tsum shops can be found in various destinations but they can be ordered more comfortably from home.

A tsum tsum doll is the perfect gift for any kid, allowing him or her to benefit from easy entertainment at home. They are easily sort able and can be placed wherever the kids want. Since they are small, they fit perfectly. Moreover, they are cute and cuddly thus allowing anyone to benefit from some love.

The online store offers a great deal of different characters from day to day, the cutest toys can be bought in a extremely large variety, and they get variations when it comes to season and events, including Halloween, Easter or Christmas. Other characters were added miscellaneously and now the collection includes various characters available at Disney and affiliates. Tsum tsum products can be bought not only as toys but as various product resemblances as well.

But who counts the price when you see the happiness in the child eyes, some things in world like happiness have no price. Phone cases with Tsum tsum dolls are pretty cute and it can be attached to your iPad or iPhone 5, to give them some color and a bit of childhood feelings.

The Tsum tsum toys was so loved that a Disney made a game for the kids around the world, every kid have the occasion to play Tsum tsum game. Tsum tsum mobile game is available for iOS and Android, via AppStore respectively on PlayStore. The game started out also in Japan. The goal of the game is to clear different characters fall from the top of the screen and fill up the play area, as you clear them more fall from above. Of course the game is designed with cute small Tsum tsum plush, and teleport kids in a colorful magic world.

As a conclusion Tsum tsum is the biggest project of Disney at this moment and the kids seems to be extremely happy with their new toys, a soft, cute, small doll can be a perfect gift for a loved person that you have in your heart, because we are all kids inside. And everyone would be happy to receive a Tsum tsum plush.

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