John Spender Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for "Living Life on Your Terms"

As the New Year approaches now is the perfect time for a self-help book lending new perspective to how we work and how we live.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- "Transitioning From Your Job into Your Passion: Living Life On Your Terms" is not just the latest self-help book; it's the catalyst to lifestyle design. This book is for anyone who finds themselves trapped in a sad reality of doing what MUST be done during the week to bring home a paycheck with nothing but an all-too-short weekend respite before the worker bee returns to the salt mines to do it all over again Monday morning.

People who are told they can't live their dreams or make money doing what they love to do will love the breath of new life this self improvement book will provide. Some people are just slapped with the label 'stupid' which is, sadly, too readily and rapidly accepted. Author John Spender understands all of this and found a way off the treadmill of a monotonous life and out of the maze of mediocrity so he could start living with passion every day.

That's because he shattered the sad illusion that kept him trapped in his self-made prison without walls and escaped to start living a life that most people might consider more of a dream than a reality. Anyone who is working in a job that is no longer for them or they feel stuck in their current role and would like to transition into a career that is more fulfilling will definitely find John's book a life-changing tome.

That's because the author found himself wondering what to do with his life. He was at a cross roads five years ago and not knowing which direction to take. His well-intentioned friends and family gave him advice that John could only be skeptical of since they'd never made a major life-changing decision along the lines of what he had in mind. He transitioned from his landscaping business to becoming a life and business coach. He took a big leap and proved that that it can be done.

His book will help people to discover what they're really good at while helping readers identify what's most important to them. At the same time, readers will gain clarity, direction and purpose for their career and their life while guiding them as to the right steps to take to get anyone where they want to be. If new skills are needed to make that happen, this new book will give guidance to make that happen. Chapter by chapter, the author shares his own personal experiences with what worked and what didn't which can be a huge timesaver in helping steer people away from pitfalls that waste time and help them get to their goal much faster.

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding for $15,468 AUD is sought to cover the costs of an editor, book designer, printing and shipping the book as well as the ancillary costs of this crowdfunding campaign. Backers to this Kickstarter project can choose from a number of perks to get their copy of the book in different formats as well as all due to credit for making this life-changing book a reality.

This crowdfunding campaign ends January 14, 2015.

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