Watch as Marcus "M-Positive" Parker's Young Son Delights in His Dads Success - And Sees Dad as His Hero After Seeing His National TV Debut

Dad’s versatile interests and professional aspirations lead to a TV appearance on "The Property Brothers"


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2014 -- When a child is born, parent's dreams and aspirations for the great things their children will achieve have no limits. As children grow older, one of the most common questions they are asked, at even the youngest of ages, is "What do you want to be when you grow up?"—to which most will enthusiastically reply the president, a fire fighter, a doctor, or a lawyer.

While many children will choose a path far different than they dreamed in their younger years—too many get captured by the streets, and take a path that leads to destruction. It is for this reason that Marcus "M-Positive" Parker works hard to show his young son, as well as the youth of the world, that options are limitless. It is evident that Parker's dedication to being a positive role model has paid off, especially after seeing his young son's reaction to his recent appearance on HGTV's "The Property Brothers At Home."

As a Positive Rapper, Author, Motivational Speaker who has been featured in many local TV segments, Parker's appearance on "The Property Brothers At Home" was his first time on national television. The appearance was in a segment featuring the energy-efficient hybrid water heater while parker was working as a Technical Trainer for an Eternal Water Heater.

"While many watching could care less about the water heater guy, as a father—to your son "Daddy" means everything."

Parker strives to be the example of passion, resilience, and persistence he would like to see in both his son—and all youth. Parker has been featured on many celebrated blogs such as,, and for his other professional interests in motivational rap, and promoting positive messages.

"There are many ways 'out' of your current situation, or of the cycle of poverty you are born into. While I pride myself in my passion for positive rap, I want to show kids that rap and athletics is not the only way out—that they can turn all of their interest into a respectable career choice."

Shortly after taping, Parker left his position as a Technical Trainer for the water heater company he worked for while featured on "The Property Brothers At Home"—but not before he wrote a rap about the energy-efficient heater.

Parker now focuses on his positive rap and motivational work full-time. He has also lost 40lbs by recommitting to his health and well-being by adopting a regular fitness routine, and a new healthy diet.

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Marcus "M-Positive" Parker works hard to show his young son, as well as the youth of the world, that options are limitless.