MamaBear Releases 20 Internet Slang Acronyms Every Parent Needs to Know


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Teenagers have realized that many parents are keeping an eye on their social media and texting conversations. So in order to hide their messages, teens have adopted a new slang language to keep parents and adults from discovering their conversations related to drinking, drugs, and sex.

To make sure parents know the codes kids are using to hide their messages, MamaBear Family Safety App released the blog post "Cracking The Code on Internet Slang: 20 Acronyms Every Parent Needs to Know."

"Responsible parents pay attention to their child's messaging and social media," said co-founder of MamaBear Family Safety App Robyn Spoto. "But it may not do us much good if we don't understand what they are saying through acronyms."

The article lists acronyms and slang that relate to drinking and drugs such as Broken (Hungover from Alcohol) and CID (The Drug Acid). But many of the terms are related to sex and sexting.

"Inappropriate sexual messaging and sexting can create major reputation damaging consequences and cause safety concern. Most kids don't see it that way, so they engage in the behavior but use code words in case their parents or other adults see their messages," said Spoto.

GNOC (Get naked on camera), LH6 (Let's have sex), and CU46 (See you for sex) are among the sexually suggestive messages that parents need to be aware of. The article notes that even parents who don't think their children would engage in sexting need to keep an eye out. One study shows that a surprising 39% of teens have sent a sexually suggestive text.

Spoto said, "Parents don't want to believe that their child could be sending or receiving sexually suggestive messages. But studies show that over a third of teens are involved with sexting. It's important for parents to realize this and keep an eye out for those inappropriate messages, especially messages encrypted in code."

For the full list of internet slang and acronyms parents need to know, read the whole article on the MamaBear Blog:

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