Motivational Rapper Offers a FREE Song to All Teachers and Parents Titled I Dream About a World Where the Youth Are Motivated

To celebrate the launch of his upcoming short film, The Art Of Motivating Today’s Teen Marcus “M-Positive” is offering a free download of his latest motivational rap song.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- Challenges at home, at school—and the negativity in the world can easily get teens down. Even with a healthy supports system, kids do not always connect with efforts to positively impact their lives—because it comes in a method of communication that they cannot relate to.

This is precisely why rapper Marcus "M-Positive" Parker decided to take a different approach to connecting with youth—by delivering inspirational messages in his rap lyrics and music. Youth still relate to the genre of rap they hear, but the lyrics shared are designed to tackle how to overcome life's challenges.

"Many teachers, parents, and adult mentors are well-intentions—they simply don't know how to successfully connect, relate, and engage the youth in their lives."

Marcus Parker is not only a motivational rapper, but also an accomplished author and speaker. One of the most common questions teachers and parents have for Parker, is how they can connect with youth on an ongoing basis—which is why he decided to create a short film The Art Of Motivating Today's Teen.

The film is due to be released through Amazon Instant Video in 2015, and is packed full of invaluable information and resources—as well as several tracks of his motivational rap. To celebrate the completion of his fist short film, Parker is offering a free .mp3 download of his track "I Dream About A World Where The Youth Are Motivated" for teachers and parents to share with their students. Mr. Parker's years of work have earned him a front page spot on Google when anyone searches "Positive Rap" and hopes to expand the brand by helping other artists promote music with a positive message.

Teachers and parents who want to obtain their free .mp3 download of his inspirational track, can email Marcus Parker directly at

To sample the song please visit:

A Dose Of Motivation (Google Play Store)

About Mr Parker
Marcus Parker is not only a motivational rapper, but also an accomplished author and speaker.