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British Author E.H Watson Launches Another Superb Guide for Americans to Enjoy Guilt-Free Adult Fun


Edgware, Middlesex -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Once underground, and with a major cult following, but now firmly placed in the mainstream, author, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed British sexual hedonist, E.H Watson, has been continuously providing superbly written erotica ebooks and paperback books based on his real life sexual exploits. In recent months, E.H.Watson, the 'Heisenberg of Erotica' – so titled because of the superior quality of his products over competitors, much like the purveyor of illicit Crystal Meth in the HBO series Breaking Bad - has launched a series of guide books to enable readers around the world to enjoy liberated sexual experiences for themselves. The first guide book published by the author was a directory of transsexual sex clubs and Shemale XXX parties around America, Britain and Europe where any man, woman or couple could visit as a party-goer and enjoy no-strings sex with members of the third sex – transsexuals to the layman. E.H.Watson's most recent guide book caters for the heterosexual market and is titled 'Get Guaranteed Free Sex in America Today'. This title is an exhaustive and detailed directory covering heterosexual sex clubs and XXX parties in every state in America. Readers only need download the ebook or order the paperback directly from the author's online store at (Parental advisory. This site contains Adult Content).

E.H.Watson has confirmed that this new title has received a surprisingly large volume of positive feedback, both to his personal email address, which he includes in the book to gauge readers utility of the book, and also through the customer reviews on his online store. Many readers have confessed that the book has revolutionized their sex lives and are surprised that the mainstream media, have not yet covered this book's release as it is a definite game changer. E.H.Watson himself is quoted as saying that 'In a time when both men and women are increasingly found to be single or living alone, coupled with a definite confusion around gender roles and how to find desirable partners that want no-strings sex without necessarily a relationship, this book is the sexual equivalent of the Magna Carta. It is a written text that brings order and a guaranteed solution to the chaos and sexual loneliness that plagues modern societies'.

So just who is E.H Watson? E.H.Watson is actually a pseudonym which the author, a British entrepreneur and writer in his mid-thirties has adopted for publishing all of his erotic book titles and adult content. On the subject of why he shares his actual sexual experiences with the world through real-life erotica books, E.H.Watson admits with considerable enthusiasm that he wants to be the 'Anti-Fifty Shades of Grey' and the 'Anti-E.L.James'. He wants to be a new breed of author that writes about sexual adventures and exploits that are based in reality and told with a knowing narrative, rather than the E.L.James style of writing that reads as though, quote: 'a naïve teenager, hooked on boy-bands and the Twilight series, wrote it'. E.H.Watson's books are written, not only to entertain and educate but also primarily as the author's way of cataloguing his erotic experiences and frequent sexual adventures. The author describes himself as a thinking person's exhibitionist, and his books as 'literal porn for the mind'.

For more information about the books written and published by E.H Watson, feel free to visit E.H.Watson's author page on Amazon or for the fully uncensored experience (with XXX content), visit the author's own website and online store,

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