Ricky Rescue Training Academy

Ricky Rescue Training Academy Announces Openings for Fire Training Courses

Online courses provide a convenient way for fire fighting and fire prevention students to cover classroom requirements for certification, reports Ricky Rescue Training Academy


Ft. Myers, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- The Ricky Rescue Training Academy has announced the availability of openings for its online fire fighting courses. This school is approved by the Florida State Fire College, so when one of its courses are completed, the student's FCDICE records will be updated to reflect this.

"Learning how to fight fires isn't all about running into burning training buildings," said Chadwick Ketron of Ricky Rescue. "Plenty of the education is done with textbooks and classes. This used to mean that students had to spend hours sitting in classrooms, which in turn meant that they had to spend loads of time commuting to and from those classrooms. Now, those requirements are over. We teach the classrooms segments online, so students learn at home and avoid having to commute."

Some of the Academy's most popular classes are its fire officer courses, which help prepare firefighters to take on officer roles. These courses are broken down into Fire Officer 1 and 2 in order to keep the amount of material manageable and possible for students to learn in a reasonable amount of time. Other classes may not be the first to mind, but they are just as important for fire departments and those seeking to join them. There are courses for fire inspectors, fire investigators, and fire instructors readily available.

While being a front-line firefighter or commanding officer is popular and gets plenty of attention from the press, these positions are just some of those that are essential to the proper operation of a fire department and its missions. Fire inspectors check buildings and other structures so that hazards can be mitigated before they cause disaster, and fire investigators find the causes of fires that have already happened. The fire instructor stays behind the scenes, but is a key member of the team because he or she takes care of the live instruction that the other personnel need to have.

"We don't stop with offering basic courses," Ketron said. "We also offer preparatory classes for fire officer certification and fire inspector certification online. These classes help prepare students for their licensing exams. The fire officer exam prep courses are broken down into levels 1 and 2 just like the course material. This makes it easy for students to prepare for the relevant state examinations."

When taking courses for entry or advancement in a fire-related field, it's important to choose those that will be accepted by the Florida State Fire College. This is because florida state fire college classes have the accreditation needed to be counted by prospective or current employers and to transfer to certain related institutions. Ricky Rescue offers several such courses in the fire officer and firesafety inspector fields, so students taking them will have no worries about the value of their education.

About Ricky Rescue Training Academy
The Ricky Rescue Training Academy offers ongoing online courses related to fire rescue and safety. Students may enroll at any time. Many of its courses are approved by the Florida State Fire College, so they will count towards licensing requirements.