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Premier Plus Physical Therapy Announces Openings for Sports Therapy Patients

Sports therapy helps athletes eliminate pain, regain full motion, and return to action as fast as possible, reports


Shelby Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Premier Plus Physical Therapy, a clinic in Michigan, has announced appointment availability for its sports rehabilitation programs. It also offers occupational physical therapy as well as therapies aimed at other specific goals.

"One of the most important things a physical therapy center needs to do is match its therapies to a patient's goals," explained Joseph Metias of Premier Plus Physical Therapy. "In sports therapy, there are usually three main objectives: Bring the wounded part back to full functionality, eliminate pain, and provide full results as fast as possible. In many sports, functionality limitations can mean the difference between winning and losing, so athletes are very concerned about restoring full motion. Our therapists are also concerned about one other thing: ensuring that the patient won't get re-injured as soon as he or she plays again. Therefore, we work on improving the strength of the affected parts so that doesn't happen."

The use of the mckenzie method is one of the things that sets Premier Plus apart from other practitioners. With this method, patients are trained in stretches and other exercises that can be done on a self-managed basis. McKenzie practitioners start by analyzing patients' problems and how those problems are being aggravated by things like the patient's posture, gait, and other physical practices. After this is completed, exercises are developed to counter these issues and promote the healthy carriage of the body. Once the most effective exercise is discovered, patients are instructed on how to do it on their own so they don't have to come back to the clinic for every exercise session. Most people find this method superior since they can do most of their exercises at home.

"Athletes aren't the only people who come to our physical therapy clinic Michigan," Metias noted. "Occupational therapy is another big aspect of our practice. With this sort of therapy, the goal is often different than it is with sports. Many people will tell us about specific moves that they need to be able to make in order to do their jobs. The focus is to get them able to make those moves again as fast as possible so they can resume earning money doing their usual work. Many occupational patients will consider their goal met once that happens."

In order to make sure that the clinic's programs are in line with a patient's needs, an initial consultation is performed. There, both the problem and the patient's goals will be assessed and a treatment plan will be devised. This ensures that everyone can get the results they're looking for, whether those results involve being able to do a single move or regaining the ability to do all normally-possible motions.

About Premier Plus Physical Therapy
Premier Plus Physical Therapy is located in Shelby Township, MI and performs sports, occupational, and other therapies according to the McKenzie Method. It is led by Joseph Metias, PT, and helps patients of all ages and physical skill levels.