MyCondoPro Announces Availability of New Condos in and Around Toronto

Several new condominium projects details have come online and are ready for buyers, reports MyCondoPro


Markham, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- In Toronto and North York, many new condominium complexes have been built or expanded in recent months. These units are in high-rises that allow residents to have easy access to the city's amenities. At least nine new projects have opened up, making it a great time for condo-seekers to move to one of Canada's most modern cities.

"There is no shortage of opportunities for those seeking condos for sale Downtown Toronto," said Mark Li of "What's even better is that these are new units. New is always best when it comes to anything that has been built, whether it's a building or a car. Everything still fits right, works smoothly, and is otherwise free of wear and tear. Even better, residents can expect years of trouble-free enjoyment of the premises."

It may come as a surprise to new entrants into the market, but when a new complex is put up, its units aren't advertised by the whole range of brokers. Instead, preferred brokers are given the first shot at making the sales and have exclusive rights for a set time period. Other brokers are allowed to work on the project only after that exclusive period ends. This means that buyers can only get the best units by working with one of the preferred brokers for new and pre-construction condos Toronto.

What a buyer will think of as a "good unit" can vary, but in general, people tend to prefer nice views and relative quiet. This makes it so that the condos that overlook the city go first, while the ones that look right at another building will be sold later. Often, units will be priced according to such qualities, locations and so on, so it's a good idea for prospects to be careful if they see what seems to be an incredible deal.

"That's not to say that a unit won't sell if it's looking at the back of another building or if it's low enough to pick up the street noise," Li explained. "However, those seeking the best units should deal with a preferred broker so that they can get a condo that has better features. The ones that are high enough to be quiet and that offer movie-like views of the city are usually gone by the time the exclusivity period is over."

While some brokers deal exclusively inside the city of Toronto proper, many also handle nearby neighborhoods. For this reason, it's possible to go to a Toronto broker and get new condos North York. The environment is typically a bit different outside of downtown, too, so some people buy in North York and similar areas in order to enjoy a more unique local flavor. Since there is demand both inside and outside of the city itself, it makes sense for brokers to expand to the other areas.

Mark Li is a VIP broker for most condo projects in Toronto. MyCondoPro handles both move-in-ready condos and those that are still under construction. The company works with buildings in Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, and other nearby areas.