Launches an Erosion Control Campaign Ahead of Winter Weather

The Geo-Berm remains the only machine of its type available on the plant today, reports Geoberm


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- According to Economic Aspects of Pacific Northwest Soil Erosion Research, the nature of runoff, soil loss, and precipitation in frozen soil differs greatly in the Pacific Northwest than in other parts of the country, due in large part to the maritime climate. The report states that 80 to 90 percent of soil loss and erosion takes place during the winter months, leading to the need for effective erosion control.

National Geographic reports many things lead to erosion, yet human activity speeds the process. Humans often cut plants and trees down for development purposes, and these plants and trees were holding the soil in place. When they are removed, natural forces wash the soil away, of major concern when winter weather conditions arrive. With the help of the Geoberm, Erosion, Sediment & Flood Control become easier.

"The Geo-Berm remains the only continuous berm machine available today and is capable of producing 200' continuous berms every minute. The machine enables companies to comply with Clean Water Act provisions, ones which state mandatory sediment control and erosion devices must be installed on all construction sites. The device works to prevent soil from entering runoff waters, while effectively removing 95 percent of sediment. The berms offer a great alternative to straw bales and silt fences commonly used in the past," Steve Caldwell, spokesperson for, declares.

Localities need to prepare, as the report states more than 90 percent of erosion takes place during one single event of the season, rather than over a period of time. As companies cannot predict which event will lead to this loss of soil into runoff waters, they must be prepared at all times. Geo-Berm offers an alternative to sandbags for those areas concerned about flooding and beach erosion control also, and companies choosing this option find they save thousands of dollars each year.

Caldwell goes on to say many experts predict the winter of 2014-2015 will be as harsh as the previous one. Although there remains some disagreement as to why this is the case, localities need to focus more on what they will do to prevent erosion, rather than why this weather phenomenon is occurring. With the help of Geo-Berm controls, localities find this task to be much easier, thanks to the speed at which erosion control measures may be put into place.Thanks to biodegradable fabric bags being used in the process, localities won't have to worry about removing the erosion control devices once warmer weather appears.

The Geo-Berm works for many other tasks also. Local governments often turn to the Geo-Berm when they are in need of hazardous spill containment, to prevent hazardous materials from entering local waters, and local filling materials ensure the bags become a permanent part of the local ecology. Companies find this to be a great alternative to previous Beach Erosion control and hazardous spill containment options.

"The Geo-Berm helps companies save lives while maximizing profits. Projects finish on time and within budget and are completed in a responsible manner. Companies in need of erosion control devices need look no further than the Geo-Berm. Contact us today for more information," Caldwell states.

About remains home to the only continuous berm machine currently available today. Companies find Geo-Berm may be used for environmental engineering and flood control, making this job easier, and companies save time and money using this option, while also keeping runoff waters sediment free and clean. The Geo-Berm provides an alternative to sandbags in those areas concerned about flooding due to snow runoff, ice, overflowing rivers, and more.