Hundreds of Scientific Investigations Conducted to Study the Benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- There are many natural supplements available today and one of the most popular on the market is glucosamine. Among the three types of glucosamine, namely Glucosamine hydrochloride (HCL), N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) and Glucosamine Sulfate, it is the last one that has caught the interest of many scientists and researchers.

Hundreds of scientific investigations have been conducted to study the benefits of glucosamine sulfate. In the past twenty years, it has been the subject of over 300 scientific investigations plus more than 20 double-blind clinical studies.

"The efficacy of glucosamine in the treatment of arthritic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, has been measured by high-quality clinical studies and research. Many of these studies found that glucosamine is a highly effective option for osteoarthritis management," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

According to studies, 90% to 98% of glucosamine sulfate can be absorbed from the intestinal tract intact. Once it has already been absorbed from the gut, it then travels or circulates through the bloodstream.

There are several studies that have presented good evidence that glucosamine sulfate can be helpful for arthritis. It does not only affect osteoarthritis of the knee, but also other body parts. There have even been studies that suggest glucosamine sulfate is better than other forms of treatment for joint pain.

"More studies are still being conducted to validate the effects of glucosamine sulfate in arthritic conditions. However, it is currently believed to be more effective than the other forms of glucosamine," added O'Sullivan.

One of the best studies conducted to test the effects of glucosamine on knee osteoarthritis was the one that involved 318 subjects in Spain. The subjects were divided into three and were made to consume glucosamine sulfate, acetaminophen, or a placebo. After six months, it was found that those who consumed glucosamine sulfate experienced superior pain relief compared to the other groups.

Aside from arthritic conditions, glucosamine sulfate has also been suggested to be effective for other ailments such as bone disease, circulation problems, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, interstitial cystitis, multiple sclerosis and sexual problems.

Due to the increasing number of health benefits associated with the use of glucosamine sulfate, more herbal companies are producing products that contain the ingredient. There are many reputable companies that produce products with glucosamine sulfate plus other beneficial ingredients such as chondroitin, MSM and turmeric

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