Velcans Announces Sale on Many of Company's Beautiful, Factory-Direct Shoes for Women

New sale offers include some historic low prices on many of the company's most popular special-occasion shoes, as well as free shipping deals, Velcans reports


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Velcans, a factory-direct online worldwide retailer of top-quality prom, party, evening, special occasion and Wedding Shoes, announced a new, time-limited sale covering many of the company's products. Visitors to the Velcans website can save up to 60% compared to the already-low regular prices, with many shoes also being eligible for free shipping. Founded in 2011, Velcans is one of the world's top producers and retailers of high-quality special occasion women's shoes featuring embellishments such as rhinestone, lace, and crystals.

"With the holiday season upon us, it is time for another exciting sale at the Velcans website," Velcans representative Jaking Chen said, "Customers all over the world can now enjoy even more amazing factory-direct prices on many of our popular shoes, with free shipping offers sweetening the deal even further in many cases." Considered by many fashion experts one of the most important and fundamental parts of an outfit, women's shoes are often expensive compared to those meant for men.

When it comes to finding suitable shoes for special occasions like weddings, prom nights, and awards banquets, then, many women face a challenging dilemma. Although few want to skimp on the shoes they will wear to such important, memorable events, it can be difficult to accept the high price tags that high-quality options will often carry, especially considering that the shoes are unlikely to be worn very often.

Since the company's founding 2011, Velcans has been providing a gratifying, much-needed answer to this problem for countless women around the world. Founded by veterans of the fashion industry with strong connections to some of the world's most respected high-fashion manufacturers, Velcans retails top-quality women's shoes at impressively low prices.

By selling and shipping women's shoes in this factory-direct fashion, Velcans allows women to take a no-compromise approach to special occasions, allowing for the purchase of beautiful, flawless Prom Shoes at otherwise unobtainable prices, for example. Thanks to the unique and compelling nature of the company's offerings, Velcans has grown explosively since opening its doors a few years back, becoming a well-known name in many fashion circles worldwide in the process.

The new sale at the Velcans site applies to a wide range of the company's products, including some of the most popular and sought-after Rhinestone Shoes and others. As always, customers who buy from Velcans enjoy not just low prices, but superior customer service, including an impressive return policy and fast, reliable shipping direct from the factory. Further details about the new sale, its terms, and its expiration can be found at the Velcans website.

About Velcans
Since 2011, Velcans has provided top-quality special-occasion shoes for women direct from the company's factory, delivering unbeatable prices and customer service worldwide.