Schools4Future – Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Poverty for Children in India

A Sustainable Resolution to Offer Free Education


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- A team of social entrepreneurs from Europe and North America with experience in markets such as CEE and India, have developed a sustainable solution called Schools4Future. The program will bring affordable education to the children living in the slums of India. Now they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to gain support and funding to make this project a reality for the children in India.

Approximately 165 million people live in the slums on the India subcontinent, and in that 65 million children grow up in a difficult environment of poverty, waste, and without education. Each day, 6,000 tons of plastic trash and aluminum is dumped in India suburbs and it is not recycled, but burned. This means one thing for these children – their life will become nothing more than waste pickers that will be filled with poverty!

Schools4Future is a social business venture with a goal to create the first schooling opportunity for children in the slums in India. The team has worked in India and has made several connections with government institutions to allow them to overcome entrance barriers in the market. The many charities, non-profit organizations, and NGO's who try to help these desperate children, rely solely on the donations from the public. However, Schools4Future has developed a business model that will give access to education for more children than any other organization worldwide.

All funds from the campaign will be used to build 40 schools in Bangalore and a recycling plant. Parents can send their children to school by paying a small tuition fee of $15 USD, which includes education and food, in either cash or recyclable trash. This allows parents to pay in a currency they can easily access. Then, this plastic and aluminum will be recycled in the plant and sold to manufacturing companies. All profits made from the plant will be used to finance schools and future expansions across India.

In the first year alone, the program will give 60,000 children the opportunity for free education. Their goal is to become India's largest and most affordable education provider by the year 2020. They hope to have 2.5 million children in their schools, over 90,000 teachers, and 10,000 recycling support staff members who will be paid honest wages and work in a clean environment.

About Schools4Future
Education is important and the children of India do not deserve to be deprived of quality education because of poverty. Schools4Future is here to break this brutal cycle. The campaign goal is to raise $150,000 and will end on February 20, 2015.

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