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Inairobi Kenya Limited Launches News Website for Generations Y and Z announces indepth news and feature website that meets the needs of Kenyan readers from Generation Y and Z.


Nairobi, Kenya -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- In the article "Inside the Millennial Mind: A Gen Y Recruiter Speaks Out" columnist Brent Grinsteiner writes about how employers and the media need to speak in a different tone to younger listeners. Brent Grinsteiner reports, "Millennials have life experiences unique to their age group. It is this background that shapes their personalities and their perception of the world. When they are spoken to in words that they understand, they are more likely to respond favorably."

Brent continues, "While the likes and dislikes of this generation may seem like a nuisance to some members of the older generation, this need not be the case. Generation Y and Z have high expectations for new technologies and the media. They are often driven and are generally ready to interact with others. When interviewed, members of these generations respond that they imagine a bright future for themselves and others.

Meeting the needs of these generations with up-to-the minute news and interesting features, is the inairobi Kenya Limited website. Company spokesperson Lavender M explains their goals in this way, "We have developed a news website that will appeal to Generation Y and Generation Z. By this time, they have already experienced a great deal of life, including relationships and careers. We particularly target the members of Generation Z. They are just starting to live their adult lives and we enjoy hearing from them. We take pleasure in speaking directly to these newcomers and learning about their views on life."

Lavender Midega, the 21 year old founder of inairobi elaborates, " Our journalists are different from that of the mainstream media. We envision ourselves as a Kenyan News Website that reports in a language that young readers can respond to, and want to contribute to in their own words. To accomplish this, our staff writers and reporters are not given a formal objective when writing their articles. Adding to the diverse nature of our online features, is the mix of writers and reports that we are proud to have working for us. They range from a doctor with a degree from the University of Nairobi, a successful entrepreneur who is over 40 years of age and one woman who is only 21 years old, but is already working in the field of finance."

"We want to be not just a place for news, but the inairobi kenya entertainment website that Generation Y and Z looks to for fun." Lavender adds, "From our home page, readers can choose to look at the News, Entertainment, Money and Life. They can also learn about the latest in Health, Style and Technology. Our website is a place that is informative and educational, while being fun for readers to browse. From the feedback we have received from our online viewership, this is exactly the right approach to use with our online readers."

About Inairobi Kenya Limited
The Inairobi Kenya Limited was founded by a group of young women and men who knew that the current forms of infotainment for youth in Kenya were not meeting the needs of Generations Y and Z. While there were other infotainment websites available in Kenya, they did not respect the intellect and interest of young adults that needed both news and feature articles to enhance their lives. Unlike their competitors, Inairobi Kenya provides its readership with news and features articles that go in-depth in their subject matter.