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Budo Full-Range Martial Arts School Rolls out Unique Program to Bully-Proof Kids

Voorhees martial art school offers a unique bully-proofing program for children based on building confidence and teaching conflict resolution skills


Voorhees, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Parents have long recognized the numerous benefits come from enrolling their children in martial arts programs. Experts have long attested to the fact that children who regularly participate in martial arts training are typically more polite, better self-disciplined, more self-confident and make higher achieving students than the majority of their peers. Furthermore, they tend to be active and physically fit.

Studies indicate that martial arts teach children exceptional listening skills, social skills, the ability to negotiate conflict, and how to set and achieve goals as well as delay gratification. These proficiencies combine to form a skill set that renders a child more immune to peer pressure than is typical. Recognizing this, Budo Full-Range Martial Arts (http://www.budo-frma.com/location/) has recently launched a "Bully Proof" program for area children to equip them with the life skills necessary to stop bullying behavior.

Program coordinator Aka Landschoot says, "When kids know how to defend themselves, they have the confidence to walk away from conflict. Besides that, confident children with good social skills are less likely to become the target of bullying. Confidence building and social skills development are two of the cornerstones of our program, and I believe that's why the program is so successful."

Studies show that it is possible to give children the knowledge and skills they need to combat bullying. Furthermore, it is important to define bullying, and how to identify predatory behavior. It is helpful as well, to teach children techniques for avoiding bullying. Role playing and group discussions have proven helpful, as has training in empathy. Landschoot points out, it is as important to avoid being a bully as it is to avoid being bullied. The Budo Full-Range Martial Arts anti-bullying program teaches communication, cooperation, leadership and independent motivation as well as vital tools for self-defense.

Bullying statistics are appalling. Approximately 28% of 12-18 year old students are victims of bullying every year. A tenth of all students drop out of school each year as the result of bullying, and as many as 160,000 students miss school every day due to fear of bullying. Most occurrences of bullying go unreported. Nationwide, the frequency of bullying peaks by the 7th grade.

Parents who are unacquainted with the principles that under gird most martial arts sometimes erroneously think martial arts training is about teaching children to be violent. However, Landschoot points out nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, Landschoot says it teaches children to practice self-discipline and to show respect other members of society at every opportunity. "They do learn skills with which they can defend themselves, but are taught to use them wisely, and only in sport, or as a last resort when all other tactics have failed."

About Budo Full-Range Martial Arts
Budo Full-Range Martial Arts (http://www.budo-frma.com/more-info-about-kids-classes/) provides martial arts training for children in the Voorhees and Mantua areas. Owner Keakahiwalani (Sensei Aka) Landschoot has been helping children to develop life skills such as focus, confidence, self-discipline and independent motivation for many years. Budo Full-Range Martial Arts students experience success in the classroom, in interpersonal situations, at home and, in fact, wherever life takes them.