New York Nail Fungus Clinic Reports Fungal Infections Account for 50 Percent of All Nail Conditions

Individuals find numerous treatment options for this common condition, including home remedies and over the counter products, announces New York Nail Fungus Clinic


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- According to the American Academy of Dermatology, fungal infections account for approximately 50 percent of all nail problems. Toenails tend to be affected, as the toes are often confined to a moist, weight-bearing, warm environment. Any change in the shape, thickness, and/or color of the skin, bleeding or discharge around a nail, pain, or swelling of skin around a fingernail or toenail requires medical attention. Individuals often turn to New York Nail Fungus Clinic ( for assistance when they suspect a problem with one or more nails.

"Individuals frequently try home remedies, only to find they do not work. Some remedies are effective, yet others do nothing to resolve the issue. New York Nail Fungus Clinic discusses home remedies along with popular over the counter remedies, as consumers vary greatly in their makeup. What works for one person may not work for another, therefore numerous options are needed if a consumer is to find the one which is right for them," Jenny Lisa, spokesperson for New York Nail Fungus Clinic, announces.

Terrasil ( remains a popular choice with consumers and comes in two forms to meet the needs of all suffering from nail fungus. Individuals choose between Regular or MAX strength versions and both are safe for sensitive skin. Consumers find they can use this product with confidence as all ingredients are FDA approved and the company makes use of good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure the quality of the products.

"Terrasil comes with a money back guarantee and arrives at the home in a discreet package, therefore others will not know what condition is being treated. Many decide to purchase from the official Terrasil site, as those who do so receive a 100 percent money back guarantee, if not completely satisfied with the product. As each person reacts differently to medications, many find this guarantee to be of great importance. In addition to treating nail fungus, this product also works on ringworm and Psoriasis," Lisa continues.

Others opt to make use of Zetaclear (, because this natural solution has been medically approved to treat nail fungal infections. With use of this product, individuals find visible signs of the infection are eliminated and discoloration of the nail fades. Users need to be aware that the product, as with any nail fungus removal product, takes three to six months for results to be seen.

"The time required for this product to work is due to the time needed to grow a new nail. The product begins working immediately. Many question the six month treatment plan, yet this is designed to ensure the infection doesn't return in a short period of time, a common problem with infections of this type. Read the reviews offered at New York Nail Fungus Clinic to determine which product best meets your needs, so you can remove nail fungus quickly and begin showing off your feet once again," Lisa states.

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