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Sex Lies & Alibis: Award-Winning Author & Speaker Exposes Toxic "Culture of Exploitation" in Game-Changing Roadmap to Lifelong Relationships

‘Sex Lies & Alibis’ transcends the typical dating book to expose an epidemic relationship culture of exploitation, where sex and lies are prioritized over love, respect and ultimately longevity. The book forms part of author L. Dwain Boswell’s wider ‘I am Worth the Effort’ movement, which encourages men and women to take a radical pro-active new approach to their relationships. By digesting the book’s anecdotes and following its bold blueprint, anyone can triumph in a relationship culture where the majority fails. The book is changing lives and winning accolades including a coveted Readers’ Favorite award.


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- While many have hailed the internet and increasingly-liberal attitudes as a revolution for those looking for love, L. Dwain Boswell's ten years of study uncover a dangerous emerging culture of exploitation. Lies are tossed around to "win" sex, mutual respect is a rare commodity and sabotage prevails over love. Boswell has travelled the length of the country making people aware of these dangers as part of his acclaimed 'I am Worth the Effort' movement; now reaching new heights through a compelling non-fiction book.

'Sex Lies & Alibis' has one bold goal – to help people avoid the exploitative culture around them and succeed in their relationships. In a fusion of societal exploration, inspirational quotes and with a blueprint for relationship success, Boswell empowers readers to alter their thought processes, be aware of the outside forces crippling their love lives and embrace a new mindset that will result in love.


The average person starts a relationship putting their best foot forward. They are dressed to impress and quite often personal fulfillment is very much on their mind. This book has over ten years of uncut and candid observations about why the current relationship culture continues to fail. It exposes relationship games in a way that informs and empowers, while providing a new approach to success.

In addition, it provides a fresh perspective to the questions:

- Is Love at first sight possible?
- Are all men dogs?
- How long should I date someone before marrying them?

In public forums these are just a few of many questions that come up, but there is often not enough time to elaborate, as people are desperately longing for answers. This book will become a relationship map at your fingertips. All you have to do is open it and began reading this insightful exposé of the game, and let it transform your relationships.

"At the age of twenty-five I began travelling the nation to speak to people about relationships; I've now accumulated ten years of experience and study under my belt, resulting in a proven design for relationship success," explains Boswell. "If readers follow the steps I outline, I guarantee that they will find the success they crave so deeply. It's working for people as we speak!"

Continuing, "I urge all readers to also download the book's study guide from the 'I am Worth the Effort' website, a movement which encourages men to value women, and inspire women to see themselves as treasures. I actively promote the formation of core values and principles to live by, living to be the voice of the victim and rising to the challenge of putting in the work required to emerge from the relationship "game" victorious."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Wen Lung for Readers' Favorite comments, "Truly a God-sent. I couldn't have imagined a better time to pick up your book. I literally felt empowered to be better, to want more for myself and not to settle because I deserved better. I believe your book will speak to many people out there. It's truly inspirational and I enjoyed every practical chapter. Thank God for writers like you."

Another reader adds, "As a former participator in the game both as a player and a playee, I found this book to be spot on with its insight and information. Kudos to L. Dwain Boswell for explaining how both men and women should view relationships."

Lisha has even bought copies for her family, writing, "This is a wonderful book. This book can be Life changing for a lot of people. It is filled with spiritual scriptures. I have given this wonderful book to my daughters to read."

'Sex Lies & Alibis', from Freewill Publishers, Inc., is available now: http://amzn.to/1tj0dKZ

For more information, visit the official website: https://www.iamworththeeffort.com

About L. Dwain Boswell
L. Dwain Boswell is the founder of Iamworththeeffort.com, an initiative to encourage both men and women to take a new approach to successful relationships. He is a faithful husband and devoted father who believes valuing women is a responsibility that comes with being a real man. As an Award Winning Author and speaker, he uses his talent to bring awareness to the dark and evil abomination of human trafficking and the mindless exploitation of women. He believes that half the battle of solving any problem is exposing it, and for over 15 years has been passionate about inspiring a generation of men who will join the movement of treasuring our women and girls. Dwain has been married to Renona for nearly 16 years. They have two children and live in the beautiful state of Alabama. You can contact Dwain through the web site mentioned above.