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The Last Escape: Five-Star Autobiography Tells Terrifying Yet Fascinating Story of Iranian Ex-Fighter Pilot's Escape from Imprisonment & Execution

Major Hassan Granmayeh’s death-defying story reads like a gripping movie, but it is 100% true. In ‘The Last Escape: Ex-Fighter Pilot of the Iranian Air Force’, Granmayeh takes readers inside his life as he refuses to serve his native country’s revolution and is banished to a certain death at the Government’s hands. However, through a series of terrifying events, Granmayeh packs up his family, his life and escapes. This is one story Hollywood could never have written…


Montgomery Village, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- Those meeting Major Hassan Granmayeh today will see a smart and highly-intelligent Aeronautical Scientist whose doesn't immediately stand out from the crowd. But his life story does – big time. Granmayeh's journey to the United States is an adventure that will leave anyone shocked, bewildered and gripping onto the edge of their seat.

Granmayeh was once a decorated fighter pilot in the Iranian Air Force who refused to serve the revolution. What happened next is finally being made public in 'The Last Escape: Ex-Fighter Pilot of the Iranian Air Force'. This is one autobiography readers won't be forgetting any time soon.


Major Hassan Granmayeh was a Fighter Pilot in the Iranian Air Force, piloted the F-5 and F-4 aircrafts during his service times. Had two major accidents with F-5 aircraft, miraculously survived both accidents. Served The Shah's regime for fifteen years and six months followed by ten months in the revolution of 1979. For his safety reason escaped the Iran with his family, came to the United States on December 1982.

Due to his mother's illness in Iran, decided to go back to Iran, to visit his mother on her death-bed. The government of Iran confiscated his passport banned him to exit the country, until he made a risky decision to escape the Iran for the last time.

"When I put my foot down, stood up for my values and refused to serve the revolution, I risked almost certain imprisonment and execution," explains the author. "But for the sake of the lives of my family, I knew we had to get out. Looking back on it now, I can't believe that we actually got away with escaping Iran at a time of great conflict. We had our own brushes with death along the way, as the book depicts. We're lucky to be alive."

Continuing, "Readers will discover the social and cultural elements of Iran that have undergone great change over the past few decades. People in the West will become acutely aware of how, in some parts of the world, basic human rights and liberties are denied at the hands of oppressive Governments. My family fell victim – but we got out while we still could."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Bruce H. Kim comments, "God's mercy is on the side of the major. The story of his escape from Iran to get here is absolutely amazing and it was very touching. There are moments in the book that are frightening with what the Major went through with a great ending. If well produced, this script would make a great movie."

Another Amazon reader adds, "What a beautiful story about the obstacles of life. The reflection at the end of the book was my favorite part. The major is very in touch with his feelings. What a found most interesting is how he came from such a small town and how many amazing experiences he had. He seems like a very intelligent and caring man. Very well written. I really enjoyed this book and recommended it to my book club. It's amazing how much things can change it such a short period of time and the author writes about what positive experiences he had as a result instead of just focusing on negatives. It would make a great movie."

'The Last Escape: Ex-Fighter Pilot of the Iranian Air Force' is available now: http://amzn.to/13H0dxC

About Major Hassan Granmayeh
He is graduated from the Air Force Academy of Iran and school of fighter pilot training at Laughlin Air Force Base, in Del-Rio Texas. Graduated from the Air University of Montgomery Alabama, has a degree of Master of Aeronautical Science from Pacific Western University in Encino California.