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Go Team You! Eternal Optimist's Compelling New Book Helps Readers Win the Race of Self-Improvement and Life

Wise Wei initially wrote ‘Go Team You!: Encouraging words to support you on the race to becoming the you I know you can be!’ to help her friends start every day on the right side of the bed; but quickly saw the project come full circle as each individual began to empower everyone else. Wei is now taking her book of wisdom and newly-formed non-profit organization public, in the hope that millions can embrace a rebirth of mind, body and soul; demanding more out of life and grasping it with gusto.


Dulles, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- There's no real way to sugarcoat it; few win life's race against themselves and leave this world having fulfilled their full potential. Wise Wei was committed to not making this her legacy and, having been thrown more than a few curveballs (to the tune of too many marriage proposals, too many subsequent divorces and a more-than-dysfunctional family) set out to share her wisdom with her nearest and dearest.

And so 'Go Team You!: Encouraging words to support you on the race to becoming the you I know you can be!' was born. But soon, something unexpected began to happen – those who were given the book began to motivate and inspire Wei in return. This book had to be shared with the world, and now it has.


"Go Team You'" is a self-improvement movement, a renaissance or rebirth of mind, body and soul, a metamorphosis of thoughts, words and actions. It is that point in your life when you look in the mirror and decide you want more. It is a time that must take place in all of us, who want to live out our purpose and those of us who want to make this life one worth living!

This is a book written by a good friend of yours, especially for you. A friend who, like you, wants the best out of this life, who is running beside you in the race toward inner peace and purpose (yes, again, with the word purpose because that is the reason for it all). These are my encouraging words to keep us going through the cloudy days, the storms and to keep us grateful and humble through the fantabulous ones!

Remember this race has already been won, we just have to cross the finish line…Go Team You!!
"This project started as a way for me to support those who meant something to me; to tell them that I would always be by their side throughout all life throws at them. But those recipients ended up becoming my guiding forces," explains the author.

Continuing, "This grew so unstoppably that it led to the formation of a non-profit organization with a unique mandate where everyone volunteers whatever their gifts are to one another; to be each other's cheerleaders and coaches! Go Team You was born! This book is a great introduction for anyone looking to join our family and get involved."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

One Amazon reader comments, "Each morning faithfully I wake up to the Wise Wei's inspirational thoughts. They have changed my life and remind that each day that I awake I have another chance to get it right. Her morning inspirations give me direction and hope and let me know that I am truly blessed. I thank you for that."

Michael M. James adds, "I have received morning inspirations from the author for just under a year now and to see it all come together and available to the masses via this book, is amazing. This will be a great gift for loved ones and an excellent addition to your personal library. I have my copy now go get yours, and Go Team You!"

'Go Team You!: Encouraging words to support you on the race to becoming the you I know you can be!' is available now: http://amzn.to/1rd6oEO

About Wise Wei
This book comes from the heart of an eternal optimist. It is almost like the excerpts of life lessons from a pre-menopausal female diplomat with 3 biological children, 2 adopted, 2 ex-husbands, a best friend whose parents should have named her Judas, 9 marriage proposals, a truly dysfunctional family and a Maltese named Mei Li!