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Grandma Likes to Sew Announces Americans Spend Millions on Sewing Materials Annually

New sewers often become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material on this subject and this site works to pick the best of the best to make the process easier, reports


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- According to, consumers spent $8.48 per consumer unit on sewing materials in 2012 . A consumer unit, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is interchangeable with family or household, which means the sewing materials industry brought in $102,608,000 for the same year. Many individuals now turn to hobbies such as sewing for a variety of reasons, including for relaxation, to achieve cost savings, and more. Individuals new to sewing need a good machine to fully enjoy this hobby, and many turn to Grandma Likes to Sew ( to find a machine which best meets their needs.

"Individuals who learn to sew find they enjoy this activity and feel a sense of accomplishment each time they complete a project. Many, when first starting out, find they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of machines available today. Grandma Likes to Sew ( helps individuals in this situation narrow their choices to those machines which are suitable for their skill level. This is of great importance as sewing is a skill anyone can learn, but only if they have the right tools," Jessie Pullman, spokesperson for Grandma Likes to Sew, explains.

The site reviews a variety of machines taking certain variables into consideration when doing so. Factors examined during the review process include reliability, ease of use,and price. When these three factors are examined, individuals find they purchase a machine which works when they want it to, but one with a limited number of features so they don't feel overwhelmed. The reviews found at Grandma Likes to Sew ( take these factors into account when each machine is tested, allowing the site to share pertinent details with site visitors.

Holmes goes on to say additional factors need to be considered before a purchase is made. Consumers need to choose between a manual or computerized machine, and each has its benefits. Manual machines come with fewer options, yet have the features beginners need when they are first starting out. Grandma Likes to Sew recommends this type of machine for children new to the hobby. Computerized machines, in contrast, make certain tasks easier, such as creating a button hole. These machines come with more of a learning curve, so consumers need to keep this in mind if they like to pick up new hobbies quickly.

Books written for beginners tend to be of great help when one is learning something new, yet consumers find there are countless books written on the subject of sewing. One may find it difficult to determine which book will best meet their needs. Grandma Likes to Sew offers recommendations on the top five books for those new to sewing. Books reviewed include the "Sew Everything Workshop" and "Sewing 101".

"Some may not want to wait for a book to arrive or head to their local library to pick up books on this subject. Another option is to make use of online sewing lessons, and Grandma Likes to Sew examines a number of sites to find the best for beginners. Visit the site to learn a great deal about sewing in a short period of time. Those who do so find the resources they need to become proficient in sewing in a very short period of time," Holmes announces.

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Grandma Likes to Sew strives to assist those in need of a new sewing machine along with those who wish to learn how to sew. The site, founded by a grandmother who has been engaging in this hobby for more than 50 years, provides information on beginner sewing machines along with beginner sewing books and where to find sewing lessons. Visitors find all they need to begin sewing on this site, making it the perfect place for anyone interested in this hobby to start their search.