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Retire with Gold Announces Gold Prices Are Poised to Drop

Deflation plays a large role in the decreasing price of gold and investors need to be prepared to take advantage of this trend, reports


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- According to Investment Company Institute, approximately four of ten households owned an IRA during 2013, showing Americans concern with their financial future. Withdrawals from these IRAs tend to be rare, with only 21 percent of those owning IRAs withdrawing funds in tax year 2012 and the same was true for 2011. Individuals with an IRA need to consider adding gold to their IRA because gold is a good long term investment, as seen by its history. Those wishing to do so need to turn to Retire With Gold ( for assistance in rolling a 401K over to a gold IRA.

"Daryl Guppy of CNBC predicts gold prices will fall over the coming months, possibly to less than $1,000, making now the perfect time to buy. Bloomberg also reports gold prices are falling and believes this is due in part to falling oil prices. Deflation, a process currently being seen, impacts gold prices, bringing them down to more reasonable levels. For this reason, investors looking to diversify their portfolio need to prepare to buy," Greg Williams, spokesperson for Retire With Gold (, argues.

Individuals choosing to make this move find they must establish a gold IRA before doing so, and Retire With Gold ( assists with this, laying out the steps one needs to take. Individuals must select a gold company to work with and review IRS rules concerning this type of investment. Next, investment goals need to be clearly outlined to determine what portion of the investor's portfolio should be moved to gold. When the background work has been completed, investors begin the rollover process.

"The IRS outlines exactly what may and may not be included in an IRA of this type and who may hold the precious metals to be used for investment purposes. Sadly, some individuals purchase gold and silver, believing it then may be used in their IRA, only to find they were mistaken. With the help of Retire With Gold, investors can easily avoid these mistakes," Williams continues.

Gold remains the preferred precious metal for a variety of reasons. Not only will gold not tarnish, it doesn't rust like iron or react with oxygen as platinum does. Gold remains chemically stable and therefore financially stable. Even if it sits at the bottom of the ocean for centuries, with cleaning and polishing, the gold looks brand new. For this reason, many experts consider it to be a solid investment in every way.

"Investors find they achieve financial stability when investing in precious metals, because metals tend to increase in value when other asset values decline. Those who choose to make this move find they receive peace of mind, knowing their financial future is protected. Retire With Gold would like to see every American have the funds they need to live life to the fullest during their retirement years and actively works to make this happen, by offering information on precious metal investment opportunities," Williams states.

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