Freedom House Buyer Announces the Connecticut Housing Market Remains Stable

Individuals looking to sell a property frequently turn to this company for assistance as they help to sell a property within 30 days, reports Freedom House Buyer


Southington, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- According to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, the Connecticut housing market exhibited consistency year to year, with 8,461 home sales being finalized. Median prices and single family home average prices have remained flat or slightly decreased while the supply has increased. As a result, home buyers find they have plenty of properties to choose from, which can be an issue for those who wish to sell their home quickly. Freedom House Buyer assists those who wish to sell their home in a short period of time.

"Homeowners find there are a number of reasons why they may wish to dispose of a property quickly. Some choose to do so during or following a divorce, as they want the proceeding to be finalized, and others opt to sell their home after encountering bad tenants. Relocation and title/lien problems are other common reasons a person may choose to sell their home quickly. Freedom House Buyer helps you sell your home within 30 days and get a fair price for the property while doing so," Luke Florian, spokesperson for Freedom House Buyer, declares.

Others may choose to sell because they are in pre-foreclosure as they are unable to make their mortgage payments. Others sell as they have building code violations they are struggling to correct, and fire damage is another common reason for this type of sale. No matter why an owner wishes to dispose of a property, the company remains ready and willing to make the process easy. The company works with all property owners, as everyone deserves assistance when they need it most.

Florian states that once the homeowner makes contact with the company the process begins. A discussion about the property ensues, and the company works to understand the needs of the client. Once this information has been gathered, Freedom House Buyer runs the information through their underwriting process to obtain an offer.The client may accept or reject this offer, as there is no obligation when one makes contact with the company.

Property owners find working with Freedom House Buyer is easy. Closing takes place in as little as five days or may be delayed, depending on the needs of the client. The company works on the client's time line rather than their own. Clients are responsible for pre-payment penalties, conveyance taxes, unpaid taxes, or association fees. Speak to a representative to learn more about closing costs and how they will impact the sale.

"Property owners turn to Freedom House Buyer for a hassle free transaction. The as-is purchase comes with a fair price and property owners aren't required to pay hidden fees or a hefty commission. Those who choose to go this route learn they save on closing costs and close when they want to. Turn to Freedom House Buyer for help in selling a property. Individuals who do so find the freedom they achieve when the property is sold is worth it," Florian explains.

About Freedom House Buyer
A local real estate investment firm with more than ten years of experience, Freedom House Buyer specializes in solving complex real estate issues. The company buys and sells commercial and residential properties, regardless of their price range or condition, offering below market value on account of the ease of working with the company and the convenience of their services. Property owners find they no longer have to wait months for a property to sell, as Freedom House Buyer offers an alternative solution.