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New Site Health Invigilator Launches, Focusing on Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Specialized new site is the premier resource for learning about the subject of home blood pressure monitoring, from basic, general guides to in-depth reviews of monitors, Health Invigilator reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- The editors of Health Invigilator, a new site focusing on blood pressure monitoring and related subjects, announced that the site has launched and is now available to online visitors. As part of the site's launch, a number of helpful reviews and guides have been published, from a general introduction to the subject of blood pressure monitoring to in-depth reviews of some of the most popular monitoring equipment on the market. Available online at, the new site will be updated with fresh, timely information and more features on a continuing basis.

"Despite the fundamental importance for human health of proper blood pressure," Health Invigilator editor Sophie Coveny said, "the subject of monitoring that key measure remains a confusing and difficult one for many people. Our new site was founded to help take the mystery out of questions like this and similar ones so that our readers can better take charge of their lives."

Over time, overly high blood pressure leads to a range of dangerous conditions, from artery damage to sudden heart failure or stroke. The United States Centers for Disease Control reports that nearly fifty million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, with a similar number exhibiting signs of prehypertension that threatens to get worse. Only around half of those in either category have their conditions under control at any given time, with the rest risking the development of potentially life-threatening consequences.

Regular, accurate blood pressure monitoring is a key tool for controlling high blood pressure and prehypertension. In addition to scheduled visits to the doctor that include blood pressure measurement, many of those who have these conditions are advised to make use of home blood pressure monitoring equipment. In conjunction with the readings obtained by physicians, these tools can help to a give a more complete and accurate picture of how a particular patient is faring.

Health Invigilator was founded to help readers better understand these issues and contribute more productively to the management of their own blood pressure issues and those of loved ones. Toward that end, the site has launched with a collection of information that will help everyone from those with no background in the subject to more experienced visitors come to grips with the major issues concerning home blood pressure monitoring.

A comprehensive guide to the basics published as part of the new site's launch, for example, gives an overview of the two general types of blood pressure monitoring equipment, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. In addition, a number of specific, targeted reviews covering popular units like the OMRON BP785 10 Series will help those who suffer from hypertension or prehypertension find the best in-home monitoring solutions for their needs. All of the articles and reviews at Health Invigilator are free to read and the site will continue in its commitment to open access and the provision of helpful, unbiased information regarding blood pressure monitoring.

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