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Tax Preparation Examiner Frank Ellis tells taxpayers where to find IRS form 1040 online, plus the latest instruction for the 2014/2015 tax season.


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2015 -- IRS form 1040 is the focus of a new article written by Frank Ellis, a tax expert and published author. Covering more than the basic 1040EZ return, according to the author, form 1040 can be easily found online and Ellis provides a link to where printable IRS forms can be found. These can be downloaded directly off the web along with other forms and publications.

The author discusses how people can handle these forms once they are downloaded. There is also the option of picking up documents in person. This provides the option to directly get a paper document and a few copies if one thinks they may have to make revisions, as the author explains.

Other options are revealed as well. Frank Ellis also reveals the IRS is willing to mail out forms and documents by calling them. This is a good option for both homes and businesses. Forms, publications, instructions, and other useful information can be found on the agency's website so people can learn how to properly fill out forms for example.

He also highlights the fact TurboTax 2015 software can help with filling out form 1040.

The software in fact will choose the right tax form, as revealed in the article. This and other posts online explain facts and resources for taxpayers that many people are not aware of. The idea is to reduce the stress on filing taxes and getting back as much as possible for a refund in the coming year.

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