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Dallas Based Pet Pad Launches Website with Information on Dog Products and Training

Dallas dog owners desire source of practical dog training information as well as product reviews they can trust, reports Pet Pad


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Numerous surveys have shown the vast majority of Dallas dog owners consider their dogs to be as important as family members. However, unlike natural children born into a family, people tend to acquire their dogs from a wide variety of sources, such as animal shelters, friends who are moving, rescue programs, breeders, flea markets and occasionally from beside the road. The dog owner who purchases his dog from a breeder who provides ten generations of ancestors sporting health clearances, knows that all he really has to worry about is the quality of food he feeds his pet, and how to stop him from going to the bathroom on the floor. It is a different scenario, however, when a dog's background is unknown. It is therefore understandable, when his owner searches online for any and all information when his beloved pet begins to limp. Unfortunately, that's where the confusion begins.

Pet Pad, a Dallas area provider of canine training and care information, has recently launched a website to provide Dallas area dog owners access to essential pet supply information, clearly recognizing the need for the average dog enthusiast to discern differences between solid pet information, and hype. In addition, they provide essential training tips for frequently encountered canine training and behavioral issues that many dog owners commonly encounter, such as problems with housebreaking. Their website provides useful knowledge, the sort intended to better integrate the lives of dog and master both, creating improved life experiences for each.

Pet Pad spokesperson, Penny Gleeson, had this to share: "We here at Pet Pad, in talking to area dog owners, realized that there is a great deal of confusion about almost most things having to do with dogs. There appear to be, in particular, misconceptions regarding dog training and also, health requirements."

While many pet websites simply fill their pages with available information, Pet Pad attempts to help its readers interpret what they read. "As far as dog training is concerned," continued Gleeson, "on the one hand, you have the old jerk and pop methods of the 1970s that resulted in not only miserable dogs, but miserable owners, as well. Fast forward to the late 1990s, and you witness the rise of the "purely positive" trainer, whose methods are primarily rewards based. These tend to work extremely well, until the day comes that the dog is not hungry."

The same conflicts exist about nutritional supplements, as well. One expert insists that chondroitin and glucosamine are wasted on dogs, that their molecules are too large to provide any benefit. Another touts only DHA as a viable means of joint pain relief and hip dysplasia prevention. The truth, as is always the case, no doubt lies somewhere in the middle.

About Pet Pad
Pet Pad ( is a canine information broker based in Dallas, TX, for the primary purpose of providing dog owners with the information they need in order to give their dogs the best possible life. The site includes reviews of products such as joint supplements for dogs in an attempt to give area dog owners useful information.