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Envirocoat Australia Now Offers Impressive Designer and Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Beautiful, unique, cost-effective new flooring options expand company's already leading range of top-quality offerings, Envirocoat reports


Gold Coast, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Envirocoat Concrete Coatings announced that the company now offers designer and metallic epoxy flooring services to customers. The product of important advances in epoxy formulation and application technologies, the new flooring options offer unmatched, long-wearing beauty in cost-effective, practical forms. Envirocoat is one of the country's leading concrete coating specialists, providing both residential and commercial customers with the best available services at unbeatable price points.

"We're excited to announce that we can now offer the impressive, compelling advantages of designer and metallic epoxy flooring treatments to our clients," Envirocoat Concrete Coatings owner and Director Steve Moreels stated, "Incredibly attractive and fantastically long-lasting and affordable, these flooring options make for great solutions for a wide range of purposes, from highly trafficked commercial sites to residential use."

Normally the product of two separate polymer solutions that cure and harden when mixed together, epoxies possess a wide range of traits that make them excellent for flooring. Most are extremely resistant to further chemical reaction, making them practically impervious to staining, and many epoxy formulations also boast incredible wear resistance and ease of application, leaving them impressively affordable in terms of both initial application and long-term maintenance.

The new designer and metallic epoxy flooring options that have just been introduced by Envirocoat Australia add striking beauty to this appealing mix. Incorporating special metallic pigments, the latter can produce enchanting light-reflecting effects that are unobtainable by any other means. More generally, the company's new Designer Epoxy Floors allow customers to specify completely unique floors that incorporate eye-catching depth of detail, including multiple vibrant colors and any of a variety of design techniques that are desired.

Best of all, thanks to the basic traits of epoxy, the new floors are as practical as they are elegant and visually striking. Epoxy is one of the most affordable flooring choices of all, and most installations can be completed within a few short days, whether for new or existing floors. The incredible wear- and stain-resistance of the substance makes epoxy floors suitable for virtually any application, from commercial facilities with extensive vehicular traffic to home use. A range of epoxy options that are free of volatile organic compounds also makes the treatment an environmentally friendly choice.

Those interested in Envirocoat Australia's new designer and metallic epoxy flooring options can learn more at the company's website, where its extensive range of other services, like Stencil Crete Concrete Resurfacing, are detailed and illustrated with helpful photographs. Visitors to the site can also easily schedule free, no-obligation consultations. Envirocoat's consistent dedication to top-quality work has produced a long list of prominent, highly satisfied customers and a reputation as the Gold Coast's premier provider of concrete coating and related services.

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