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Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews Publishes Unique New Guide to Portable Generators

New guide provides all the background buyers need to make great purchases, is accompanied by a number of detailed reviews of popular portable generators, Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews reports


Buffalo, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews announced the publication of a comprehensive new guide to portable generators. The new guide, available at http://www.heavydutytools.org, details the features, performance characteristics, and other traits buyers should look into as they search for the perfect generator for their needs. With a focus on practical, useful information and advice, Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews is one of the Internet's leading resources for homeowners and others researching equipment and tool purchases.

"With prices having come down so much and reliability and efficiency skyrocketing, there has never been a better time to be in the market for a portable generator," Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews representative Mike Hammerfold said, "Our new guide is going to serve for many of our readers as a great introduction to these highly useful and capable pieces of equipment and will be a great complement to the reviews we have published as part of the same push."

Relying on the same principles that underlie industrial-scale power-generation equipment, portable generators intended for use by consumers can power whole homes at a time when regular electricity supplies go down. They can also be used to provide electricity at sites where conventional electric connections are not available, and their portability means that they can often easily be shuttled around as needs evolve.

Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews was established to provide helpful, practical information to homeowners and consumers about equipment like this and other kinds that they might otherwise overlook or not be aware of. While plenty of sites on the Internet today provide in-depth reviews and features focusing on handheld tools and lighter pieces of equipment, relatively few delve into those, like portable generators, that edge more into the kinds of capabilities more commonly associated with commercial users.

Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews, then, helps to educate consumers about the many options of this kind that can help to improve their lives. The just-published new portable generator buying guide, for example, will give even those with no prior experience a solid grounding in the most important considerations relating to such equipment, from fuel tank capacity and power output, to ease of use and reliability.

In addition to publishing this useful new overview of the subject, Heavy-Duty Tools Reviews has also released a number of helpful reviews of specific portable generators as part of the same content update. One newly published review, for example, looks into the Honda EU2000i generator, an extremely compact and affordable unit that can nonetheless power an average home during service outages. A number of other recently published reviews look into popular portable generators of other scales and output capacities, so that readers with all sorts of different needs will find plenty of interesting material.

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